Parahawking in Nepal: Parahawking in Nepal - Video 3D, Parahawking in Nepal.パラホーキング(鷹と飛ぶ), Kingsley Parahawking in Pokhara, Nepal, Parahawking in Pokhara

Parahawking in Nepal

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nepal pokhara sarangkot new experience for the excitement.The pilot Mr.Scott, are good at finding thermals.Look here→初めて体験し興奮しました。彼(スコットさん)のサーマルハントは素晴らしい!。

My tandem flight (as passenger for a change !) at Sarangot, Pokhara, Nepal, with Elli, feeding Kevin, an Egyptian Vulture several thousand feet above the ground, alongside Lynn who flew with Scott.
Wonderful time with parahawking - paragliding with birds of prey - vultures. Another great time in my life!

Here's the short version of the Parahawking in Nepal - Best of 2010/2011 video. For more information on Parahawking and the vulture conservation projects that Parahawking in Nepal supports, go to:

The music is Newton Faulkner singing Teardrop by Massive Attack.

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