POPEYE the SAILOR: Моряк Попай-Popeye the Sailor - 01 - Popeye the Sailor, "Моряк Попай" - 1 серия ("Popeye the Sailor"), Popeye the sailor s01 e01, Моряк


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Самая первая серия. Можно рассматривать как пилотный эпизод
26 September 1934

Animators: Seymour Kneitel, Roland Crandall
В титрах не указан: William Henning
Popeye and Bluto are taxi drivers; they are, of course, competing for fares - and Olive, in particular.
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by Alexey Bolotnikov

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This cartoon reuses the basic plot of the Fleischer short "Nurse Mates" but in a different setting. Popeye and Bluto are cycling through the park and notice nurse Olive Oyl with baby Swee'Pea. Once the two fight over Olive, they waken Swee'Pea and now are faced with the task of getting him to stop crying.
The first solo cartoon of popeye. enjoy. I wish they used the opening theme more, its classic:)
First screen appearance of Popeye, Bluto, and Olive Oyle

25 January 1935

Animators: Willard Bowsky, Harold Walker

Uncredited animators: Charles Hastings, William Sturm, Dave Tendlar, Nick Tafuri
Private Eye Popeye gets a call from Olive Oyl to guard a precious gem. But no sooner does he get the gem than the butler takes it (and Olive). The rest of the cartoon is spent chasing the crook to Paris, the Swiss Alps, and North Africa; Popeye always gets there first, but fails to make the arrest until he lucks into some spinach, of course.
30 September 1934

Animators: Seymour Kneitel, Roland Crandall
В титрах не указан: William Henning
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19 January 1934
Animators: Seymour Kneitel, Roland Crandall
*В титрах не указан: William Henning
Olive is reading ghost stories to the boys. Popeye scoffs; Bluto decides to take advantage of this by staging various pranks (a headless man, an animated skeleton, and a sheet-over-balloon ghost). He pins the blame on Popeye and then goes to comfort Olive. Popeye retaliates by turning invisible, thanks to a jar of vanishing cream.
29 December 1933
Animators: Willard Bowsky, William Sturm
Original Air Date: 16 February 1934
Animators: Willard Bowsky, William Sturm

* В титрах не указан: Dave Tendlar
Original Air Date: 23 November 1934

Animators: Willard Bowsky, Dave Tendlar

Uncredited animators, William Sturm, Charles Hastings,Nick Tafuri, Harold Walker, Sam Stimson
-"Пятнадцать человек на сундук мертвеца, ё-хо-хо и бутылка рома!!!"
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[Пиратская бухта]-все о моряках,пиратах и их сокровищах:)
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Famous Studios Popeye the Sailor cartoon. A remake of the Fleischer Studios short "Vim, Vigor and Vitaliky". In this one, Popeye is a gym instructor and Olive Oyl is his student. While guiding Olive through a workout, Bluto spots Olive and disguises himself as a woman as yet another one of his schemes to fool Popeye and make a move on Olive. We all know Popeye has bad taste in women, but you'd at least think he would stay away from any woman that looks anything like Bluto.
Popeye and Bluto do the Apache Dance starting at the 5:25 mark
Original Air Date: 19 FEB 1937

Animators: Willard Bowsky, Orestes Calpini

* In the public domain in the United States.
* Uncredited animator: George Germanetti

Выпущено: США / 1936
Жанр: мультфильм, короткометражка, мюзикл, фэнтези, комедия, семейный
Режиссер: Дэйв Фляйшер, Уиллард Боуски
В ролях: Лу Фляйшер, Джек Мерсер, Мэй Куэстел, Gus Wickie

Легендарные моряки Папай и Синдбад вступают в бой, чтобы выяснить кто из них самый великий.
Series: Popeye The Sailor
Title: Meets Sindbad the Sailor
Studio: Fleischer Studios
Production Company: Paramount Studios
Director: Dave Fleischer
Producer: Max Fleischer
Animators: Willard Bowsky, George Germanetti, Ed Nolan
Date: November 27, 1936
Source Resolution: 1080p
Presented by: 8thManDVD.com
Never Kick a Woman- Popeye cartoon.
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Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/PopeyeTheSailorTV

Original Air Date: 7 FEB 1936

Animators: Seymour Kneitel, Roland Crandall

* Cameo appearance by George W. Geezil.
* The last cartoon in which William Costello voices Popeye
* Uncredited animator: William Henning

Popeye The Sailor Man Cartoon Movies

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Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLFQWJN3Zx3NDRPB--51rmZle3_m4gujmB
Popeye's nephews are staying over with Olive, and Popeye is helping trim the tree.
Bluto disguises himself as Santa Claus in order to spend Christmas Eve necking with Olive Oyl.

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16 March 1934
Animators: Willard Bowsky, Dave Tendlar
* В титрах не указан: William Sturm
Popeye (Robin Williams) eats a can of spinach transforming himself into "Popeye the Sailor Man," and saving the day for all.

TM & © Paramount (2012)
Cast: Paul Dooley, Wesley Ivan Hurt, Ray Walston, Robin Williams, Shelley Duvall
Director: Robert Altman
all Movie Action-Adventure popeye the sailor man classics
Original Air Date: 19 JAN 1940

Animators: Roland Crandall, Ben Solomon

* First Popeye cartoon with story credit, given here to George Manuell.
* Uncredited animators:Tom Johnshon, Seymour Knietel
Video de Popeye the sailor man del grupo face to face-Saturday Morning Cartoons greatest Hits. Con drew Barrymore. 1995

Приключения Морячка Папая,Роджера Рамджета и их друзей
1. Папай 20 лет на экране (Popeye 20th anniversary)
2. Такси, пожайлуста (Taxi turvey)
3. Частный детектив Папай (Private eye Popeye)
4. Главный удар (Out to punch)
5. Злобные термиты (Insect to injury)
6. Дела сердечные (Parlez Vuos Woo)
7. А мне не страшно (I don't scare)
8. Долгожданная свадьба (The nearlyweds)
9. Патриот Папай (Patriotic Popeye)
10. Шумный обед (Spree lunch)
11. Корябль призраков (Spooky swabs)
Popeye's snoring is keeping his resident mouse awake. The mouse fights back. Popeye makes a mistake: he traps the mouse in a spinach and that isn't completely empty.
Original Air Date: 23 November 1934

Animators: Willard Bowsky, Dave Tendlar

Notes: Uncredited animators, William Sturm, Charles Hastings,Nick Tafuri, Harold Walker, Sam Stimson

Take a trip down memory lane with this classic old black and white Popeye cartoon. They don't make cartoons like this, anymore!

Release Date: 19 FEB 1943

Animators: Jim Tyer, Ben Solomon

* An edited-for-TV version is known to exist.
* No longer airs on American television due to World War II ethnic stereotyping of Nazis and Japanese people.
* A colorized version is known to exist.

Popeye takes Olive roller skating in a rink; she's never skated before, so he has to teach her, and she's not exactly a quick learner. After a while, she ends up outside the rink, and still out of control; she skates through a department store and causes major traffic problems. When she gets stuck on a speeding fire truck, Popeye realizes he'll need his spinach, but he's out fortunately, an audience member tosses him a can...
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I aways thought those mongolian throat singers sounded like Popeye.
22 February 1935

Animators: Willard Bowsky, Charles Hastings

Uncredited animators: Dave Tendlar, William Sturm, Nick Tafuri, Sam Stimson, Harold Walker
Popeye the Sailor Meets Ali Baba's Forty Thieves is a two-reel animated cartoon short subject in the Popeye Color Feature series, produced in Technicolor and released to theatres on November 26, 1937 by Paramount Pictures.

It should also be noted that Popeye is enlisted in the U.S. Coast Guard and did not enlist in the Navy until 1941 in the Fleischer short The Mighty Navy.

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by Alexey Bolotnikov

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all Movie Family popeye the sailor 19381943 volume two / Попай моряк 19381943 объем два
all Movie Family popeye the sailor 19331938 volume one / Попай моряк 19331938 громкости один
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Приключения Морячка Папая,Роджера Рамджета и их друзей(75th Anniversary Spinach)
1. Папай-морячок встречается с Синдбадом-мореходом (Popeye meets Sindbad The Sailor)
2. Папай-морячок встречается с Али-бабой и сорока разбойниками (Popeye meets Ali Baba and Forty Thieves)
3. Ужас без конца (Flight to the Finish)
4. Одержимый шпинат (Gopher spinach)
5. Преступление и наказание (Assault and flattery)
6. Греческая смехология (Greek mirthology)
7. Трудности упаковки (Haul in one)
8. Старая
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all Movie Family popeye the sailor 19411943 volume 3 / Попай моряк 19411943 объем 3