POCKET STUDIO - Smoky Seduction Tutorial смотреть онлайн

POCKET STUDIO - Smoky Seduction Tutorial

Академия профессионального макияжа BeautyPRO в Санкт-Петербурге



1) Apply a thick line of black KOHL PENCIL along the upper lash line and blend with 14S BRUSH, continue applying the KOHL to the top and bottom waterline of the eye.
2) Gently dab EYESHADOW #4 along the lash line using the 8S BRUSH
3) Next, apply EYESHADOW #163 using the 15S BRUSH, in the crease blending both colors together
4) Apply EYESHADOW #4 using the 2S BRUSH as close as possible to lower lash line
5) Finish your eye makeup by appyling a generous coat of SMOKY LASH MASCARA.