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I am proud to announce that Arno Deutschbauer, Walter Mair and I were creating music for this year’s “Nomination Awards” winners! Congratulations Pixomondo! Arno and I worked on the electronic part of the music while Walter was working on the orchestral piece. Walter provided us with the first samples from his emerging track so we could bring together these various musical styles even at an early stage which finally resulted in a consistent mix of genres.
Studio Pixomondo's showreel, music by Arno Deutschbauer, Walter Philipp and David Mair. http://www.pixomondo.com Pixomondo is an international visual effects company with a global network of studios in Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich, Stuttgart, Los Angeles, London, Shanghai, Beijing and most recently Toronto.

Pixomondo produces feature film, television and commercial visual effects.

Founded in 2001 by CEO and Executive Producer Thilo Kuther, Pixomondo began its work creating video installations and