PAL-V Flying Car - Maiden Flight: PAL-V Flying Car - Maiden Flight., Flying Car - Maiden Flight (PAL-V), Flying Car Pal-V Makes Maiden Flight

PAL-V Flying Car - Maiden Flight

PAL-V Flying Car - Maiden Flight
This week the Dutch company PAL-V announced the first flights of its prototype "flying car".
This unique vehicle is called the PAL-V One, or the 'Personal Air and Land Vehicle', and It marks the start of a new era.

On the ground the vehicle drives like a sports car. Within minutes its rotor is unfolded and its tail is extended: then it is ready to take off thanks to the advanced gyrocopter technology.

With these successful test results it is proven that it is not only possible to build a fl
Flying Car Makes Successful Maiden Flight

The Dutch company PAL-V Europe NV has successfully concluded test flights of its flying car, PAL-V (Personal Air and Land Vehicle). During the past two weeks, several test flights were conducted at the Gilze Rijen Airport (The Netherlands). The patented vehicle flies in the air like a gyrocopter with lift generated by an auto-rotating rotor and forward speed produced by a foldable push propeller on the back. On the road it drives like a sports car. No new inf
Breaking news !!....This is the first car that can fly. In a few years a traffic jam is no problem anymore you just fly over it thanks to Pal-V 1