P.O.D. - Alive: P.O.D. (Payable On Death) - Alive, P.O.D - Alive , P.O.D. - Alive (2001), P.O.D. Alive, P. O. D. - Alive, P.O.D. - Alive (RUS title), P.O.D. -

P.O.D. - Alive

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Одна из любимых песен детства!!!)
© Atlantic Recordings - 2002 Satellite

This little clip from the P.O.D. band, one of my favorit music clip, but i didnt find a good version... so i make my version. I try to make a higher video quality nad better sound quality... i think its better than the original. Its not HD!!

Band: P.O.D.
Track: 02 - Alive
Album: Satellite
Premier: 2001
Studio: Atlantic Recordings
Duration: 0:03:21

Video parameters:
- 848*480 - MP4
- FPS: 29.97
- Video bit rate: 3251kb/s
- Sound bit rate: 421kb/s
P.O.D. - Alive [2001] /США/
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"Satellite" 2001

Где все это а??!
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It`s nothing to say. Everyone`s know this video. It is a response for Manson`s vision of LIFE!
не давно для меня было откровение, что эти ребята христиани
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Musikvideo zu Alive von P.O.D.
Music video by P.O.D. performing Alive. (C) 2014 Universal Music Enterprises, a Division of UMG Recordings, Inc.
Не забывайте жить
P.O.D @ The Socorro Entertainment Center 2014
.. старий, мале мені подобається)
new crimson armada cover song


Uma das melhores bandas de Nu Metal não poderia faltar no meu canal de covers.

One of the best Nu Metal bands could not miss on my covers channel.

Clássico do rock internacional, lançada no álbum “Out Of Time” no ano de 1991, quem não conhece que se jogue da ponte rsrs.

Foi um prazer interpretar essa bela canção do R.E.M, esperamos não ter avacalhado.

Escutem nossa banda de som autoral e independente, ARHES 21;


Listen to my authorial
Сонни в толпе жжет! Норм!
P.O.D - Alive guitar cover
и снова проблема - цифровик не хочет норм звук записывать...помогите люди добрые, кто сколько может, сами мы не местные, от поезда отбилися...)))
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05 ALIVE "P.O.D. - Live At The Rock And Roll Hal Of Fame (2002)"
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Vidéo du live de POD sur le titre Alive au Hellfest 2013

Aucun droits sur ce morceau, tous les droits vont à POD<br/><br/>
Watch P.O.D. discuss the recording of their first-ever acoustic hits album, SoCal Sessions, in this video track-by-track. This episode is dedicated to "Alive." SoCal Sessions is available now.

iTunes - http://smarturl.it/PODSoCaliTunes
Amazon: http://smarturl.it/PODSoCalSessions
GooglePlay: http://smarturl.it/PODSoCalGoogle
Best Buy: URL: http://bit.ly/1xD9GAF
Song: Alive (Semi-Acoustic version)
Artist: P.O.D.
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https://www.facebook.com/ConcertVideosByChrisRamon P.O.D. performing the song Alive LIVE in concert at River City Rockfest in San Antonio, TX. on May 29, 2016.

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Клип Alive группы P.O.D. с русскими титрами
P.O.D. é uma banda cristã de new metal dos Estados Unidos formada em San Diego, Califórnia, em 1992. A sigla P.O.D. significa Payable On Death (literalmente, em Português, Pagável na Morte). É um termo técnico muito usado em bancos nos EUA quando uma pessoa morre alguém herda seus bens. É necessário que uma pessoa morra para alguém herdar. Isso é uma referência da banda a Jesus Cristo, que segundo o Cristianismo morreu por nós, pagando e perdoando nossos pecados, dando-nos a chance de sermos s
Anaheim Stadium
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P.O.D. in Minsk 16.10.2013

Participação do P.O.D. ao vivo
música Alive (Vivo)

legendado by me* :D

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Payable on Death(P.O.D.) live in Omsk (Club ANGAR) 11.10.2013
14.06.2013. P.O.D. Red Stage view

Live in Russia, Voronezh 2013 (Воронеж, Сити-парк Град)

Alternative Times © vk.com/club33632084 - Зарубежные Рок группы

P.O.D Performing Alive at Sunset Sessions Rock 2012
cover da música "Alive" da banda P.O.D. Por Maxwell Souza da banda MpH
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Belo Horizonte - Minas Gerais


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P.O.D. Alive - Ramshead Live http://youtu.be/sTpu1F_iy4M

Sonny brings a guy who looks like Kenny Rodgers up on stage. It was AWESOME.

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Выступление на американском радио.
Концовка прикольная)) А вообще кул музыка с граматной подборкой кадров.

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Payable on death playing Alive at Easterfest 2012. Sorry for shaky camera but my arms were killing me!
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Live @ Yotaspace (Moscow, 19.05.2015)

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Equip Video:

Canon 60D

GoPro Hero3

Filmado por:

Lenni Santos ( https://www.facebook.com/lennisantos)
Paulo Visintin ( http
POD close out their great set with the smash hit &amp;quot;ALIVE&amp;quot;.&lt;br&gt;&lt;br&gt;Capture courtesy of VegasCrackerman
P.O.D. - Alive
Live at Re:public
Minsk, 16-10-13
20.05.2015 ГлавClub
Икстрим кул
@ Nova Rock 2013, Nickelsdorf, Austria (14.06.2013)<br/><br/>
Acustico MTV Rodox
Musica boa
P.O.D. live perfomance at "Kosmonavt" club

06/10/13 Hollywood Awards, Bangkok, Thailand

Ростов, ДК Ростсельмаш, 19.10.13.
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