Onesun: Roman Depp [ONESUN RECORDS] special dj set for PIONEER DJ RUSSIA we play only original stuff!, Roman Depp - Yellow sky (ONESUN YELLOW), ONESUN


The basic idea of the label - to release original music, collected from around the world (digital and vinyl). We call our style ``HIGH TECH`` and work only with high musicians, wich make our FAMILY stronger. To get our original sound we sign a contracts with the best mastering studios in the world and all this we wrapped in the most beautiful covers from our illustrators.....that just underscores our originality. Enjoy!

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[M/V] K.I.R(Ooh La La La) (feat. Chris Cho) - 원썬(Onesun)

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Owlman - Warp [ONESUN YELLOW]
release date: 30.11.2016