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One Republic - All this time

EDIT: Sheet music for this piece now available from


From their recent album, 'Waking Up'. Theres a couple of covers on youtube of people just singing along wile playing the chords of this, but none that I could find which attempt to play the melody too. So here is my attempt, it was difficult to give the middle section the power of the original with just the piano, but sure these things happen.

Oh and if you were one of the people co
Squeezing in a more modern cover. I've loved this song since One Republic's album came out but it has been stuck in my head since my sister brought it up this past weekend. I can't stop listening to it. Such a great and simple song. Hope you enjoy!

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All this time we were waiting for each other
All this time I was waiting for you...
звук лажает
но у меня камера на телефоне говно
а onerepublic крутые
и пиво тоже мего:)ахах
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там тот момент,когда он к нам подошел)))ааах))
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(All This Time)
Six on the second hand till new year's resolutions
There's just no question what this man should do
Take all the time lost, all the days that I cost
Take what I took and give it back to you

All this time we were waiting for each other
All this time I was waiting for you
We got all these words, can't waste them on another
So I'm straight in a straight line running back
One Republic live in Paris 9 september 2010 "All This Time" en "Missing Persons 1 2"
15.01.2010 Cologne.

Я просто обожаю эту песню:3