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One Night Only - Say You Don't Want It

Эмма тут - потерявшаяся домашняя собачка, Джордж Крэйг - вожак уличной стаи:) Он берет ее под крылышко, весь день ее развлекает, практически в себя влюбляет, но вечером ее находит хозяйка.
Сюжет клипа взяли из диснеевского мультика: Леди и Бродяга (к/ф про собак)

emma is love
а мне в конце грууустно(
сначала ваще не поняла о чем речь,только в конце догнала)
При участии Эммы Уотсон
Стащил у Виты)

Летние ребята, еще и Эмма Уотсон там))
One Nights Only
"Say You Don't Want It"

Emma Watson
а Emma Watson зустрічається з солістом цієї групи
Talk all the talk with a poet's style
Tongue like electric, eyes like a child
Eye on your wives and the classic cars
Live like a savior, live like the stars

Talk all the talk with a model's smile
Tongue like electric, eyes like a child
Buy all your highs and the classic cars
Die on the front page, just like the stars

The big screens, the plastic-made dreams
Say you don't want it, say you don't want it
It's our world, the picture-book girls
Say you don't want it, say you don't want it
Don't you ask me if i
очень интересное видео ))
Клип с участием Эммы Уотсон.

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'Say You Don't Want It' Official Video featuring Emma Watson - One Night Only
Official Video featuring Emma Watson
With Emma Watson (Harry Potter, Beaty and Beast)
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This is the official video for 'Say You Don't Want It' by One Night Only and it features the model and actress Emma Watson. The single is released on 16th August and the band's eponymous second album will be released on 23rd August.

Pre-order the album here from
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текст песни -
ах, модель, певец, красавец)))
One Night Only - Say You Don't Want It feat. Emma Watson
One Night Only - Say you don't want it Full Official Song with Lyrics
Music video by One Night Only performing Say You Don't Want It. (C) 2010 Mercury Records Limited
I like Emma Watson ;)

One Night Only are a British Indie rock band from Helmsley, North Yorkshire formed in 2003. The band are said to have written over 25 new songs since releasing Started a Fire (their first album). Originally due to be released in the summer of 2009, the self-titled album was finally released late August 2010. It was originally set to include new songs such as; "Intention Confidential", "A Thousand Dreams" and "Daydream" which were performed on their tour in October as well as "Live It Up" and "Hurricane" which had clips shown in a web video uploaded by them. None of these songs made the final tracklist, although "Daydream" and "Hurricane" were recorded as a B-side and an iTunes bonus track, respectively.
On 19 March 2010, it was announced via the band's email newsletter and MySpace that recording of their second album was finished. The band also announced the departure of drummer Sam Ford. George Craig's brother, James Craig, fo

The full behind the scenes video to Say You Don't Want It:)

for this video cover

One Night Only performing 'Say You Don't Want It' at Manchester Academy 3 on the 30th October 2011 - incredible night! I wish I'd kept filming after I stopped - George jumped into the crowd and landed straight on top of me - I got crushed by everyone but it was good aha!

Alle Infos hier im Blog:
One Night Only - Say You Don't Want It Live 13/07/2010
at the Deaf Institute in Manchester
Why was only with such a great band, the hall is empty?
Heard this song for the first time yesterday, and fell in love with it :) still recording on my phone so ignore the awful quality :(
Say You Don't Want It (karaoke instrumental) by One Night Only with on screen lyrics. Yes, the video with Emma Watson from 'Harry Potter'
I know, the audio quality is real bad, I swear my piano doesn't sound like that. It's my camera's problem. There's a lot of mistakes because you can't expect me to play everything right, haha.
Say You Don't Want It by One Night Only Live @ The Deaf Institute Manchester 13/07/2010. Video copyright Andrew Smith 2010.

ONO in St. Petersburg 21.10.2012

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better sound on 1080p !
You may hear me singing along, but ignore it, I was too excited hahahah!
I'm not sure about its quality, but I think it's quite good.

by @nictaveiros

This is my guitar cover of 'Say You Don't Want It' by One Night Only!!!
This video is different to all my rest, as i have finnaly got some decent video editing software!!!!! Havent quite got the last bit of the intro-y bit rhythm right, but it sounds decent enough!
Guitars used:
Squier Standard Telecaster- Cherry Red
Epiphone Les Paul Standard (Limited Edition, Negative)
Amp: Marshall MG30DFX


Produced with CyberLink PowerDirector

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