One-Effect: Mass Effect׃ Andromeda (4K 60fps) Xbox One S vs. PS4 Pro vs. PC, Mass Effect: Andromeda Сравнение графики Xbox One S vs. PS4 Pro vs. PC (4K 60fps)


Mass Effect: Andromeda Сравнение графики Xbox One S vs. PS4 Pro vs. PC (4K 60fps) (IGN)
Одна тушь – два эффекта! Бифункциональная тушь с двойным колпачком позволяет выбрать 1) удлинение и разделение или 2) потрясающий объем. Интенсивный черный цвет, защита от смазывания и стойкость на целый день.
ЗАКАЗАТЬ ОНЛАЙН можно здесь:
Mass Effect Andromeda - PC Max vs. PS4 vs. Xbox One сравнение графики от Candyland
Dwa własne efekty + pokaz standardowego. Opisy do poszczególnych partii na filmiku.
2 custom effects + presentation of standard one. Descriptions to all segments are on movie.
истина где-то за кулисами
рабочие моменты съемок X-Files, сезон первый
потом этот обаяшка стал на экране прозрачным
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Любое копирование без ссылки на источник ЗАПРЕЩЕНО!

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Салон Мяса rec.
The effect has been used in these videos:
• Clubfeet - Everything You Wanted:
• One Direction - You & I:
• CorridorDigital - Photoreal:
• Kutsal Toprak - Soner Sarıkabadayı:


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Danny Joe Brown - Vocals
Bruce Crump - Drums
Banner Thomas - Bass
Dave Hlubek - Guitar
Steve Holland - Guitar
Duane Rolan
Tarim le brave contre les Mille et Un Effets director Guillaume RIEU Metronomic productions
"Then we're going to retire somewhere warm and tropical and live off the royalties from the vids..." - Garrus Vakarian

• About 'One More Story' •

"One More Story" is a fan-inspired series, reimagining the controversial endings of Bioware's MASS EFFECT 3. After the end of the Reaper War, the results of Commander Shepard's choices change the state of the galaxy forever. But at what cost? OMS takes another look into the lives of Shepard's companions and loved ones after synthesis, control, and de
The depth info grabbed by Duo Camera provides numerous post effect possibilities. Change the focus of a photo with UFocus™, make your subject stand out with Foregrounder, and create a 3D impression with Dimension Plus™.
In this Premiumbeat exclusive tutorial we show you a technique for seamlessly transitioning from one comp to another in After Effects. Want the step-by-step instructions? See our blog post here: Need music for your video or motion design projects? Give us a listen:
In this Premiumbeat exclusive tutorial we show you a technique for seamlessly transitioning from one comp to another in After Effects.

Want the step-by-step instructions? See our blog post here:

Need music for your video or motion design projects? Give us a listen:
Free download link (name your price, $0) :

18th track I've composed while inspired by the amazing Mass Effect universe, and an insight of what ME4 (now called Andromeda) for me would sound like.

This could be part2 of Stronger By Your Side, another romance track.

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Original -
I Have A Crippling DepresionI Have A Crippling DepresionI Have A Crippling DepresionI Have A Crippling DepresionI Have A Crippling DepresionI Have A Crippling DepresionI Have A Crippling DepresionI Have A Crippling DepresionI Have A Crippling DepresionI Have A Crippling DepresionI Have A Crippling DepresionI Have A Crippling DepresionI Have A Crippling DepresionI Have A Crippling DepresionI Have A Crippling DepresionI Have A Crippling DepresionI Have A Crippling Depre
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Anton Ishutin feat. Irina Makosh - Состояние души (Deep Sound Effect Remix) (DEEP ONE radio edit)

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Just a sneak peak of one of my favorite looks from the BPMC Zola Eurorack Glitch Video FX Processor channel strip. A proper full demonstration to come. Music: Cristian Vogel - Deep Water Footage: Gaspar Noe - Enter da Void Machine: Big Pauper - Zola
“A great movement I learned today! Has to be one of the most concentrated moves that really hits my hamstrings effectively. - #FitnessBeauty #ShaniqueGrant…”
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Dua Lipa – Be The One (Deep Sound Effect Remix)

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A quick look at the films nominated for Best Visual Effects at the 89th Academy Awards. The nominees are:
- Deepwater Horizon
- Doctor Strange
- T...
Anion Effect is currently "SILVER SUNLIGHT RECORDINGS" studios to recording their first album. The album has an expected release early 2015. The name of album "Syntymä".
A detailed look at the visual fidelity of Mass Effect: Andromeda in 4K on PlayStation 4 Pro, Xbox One S, and PC.

PC Specs:
CPU - Intel Core i7-68...
Мультифункциональная тушь для ресниц The ONE Double Effect Угольно-черный Mascara 8 мл код 31189
A new web series documenting the lives of up-and-coming of artists and musicians from all backgrounds and walks of life. Film | Edit: Dillon Chang

Ранее портал Vg Tech провел тестирование Xbox One-версии Mass Effect: Andromeda и сделал вывод, чт...
Щит или Исцеление выбор за ВАМИ ..!
=) репчик про Масс


They call me Commander Shephard
I mess up geth whenever they get together
Uh, no you never can escape a Spectre
And you can't get better than my kill/death record
Cuz I died once, won't happen twice
Thanks Cerberus, now get a life
This war ain't just about humans
I'm tryna keep the galaxy from going to ruins

Doesn't matter what planet you're from,
Cuz it will not last for long
We must attack when they come back from black space
Or t<br/><br/>
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«Оскар» за одну минуту: визуальные эффекты

YouTube-канал Art of The Film представил серию коротких роликов с кадрами из фильмов, номинированных на премию «Оскар-2017».

В самом популярном ролике серии авторы представили фильмы, номинированные на получение премии «Оскар» за лучшие визуальные эффекты: «Глубоководный горизонт», «Доктор Стрэндж», «Книга джунглей», «Кубо: Легенда о самурае» и «Изгой-один: Звёздные войны. Истории».

В подборке также показаны кадры, снятые на съёмочной площадке. Они сопоставляются с финальным вариантом — уже после наложения спецэффектов

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Here's some of my favorite sound effects that I use in my every day life :)
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Phone = Isku
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Cup of Music 2013
More information about this programme: Michael Fassbender acts out being a bird, a synthesizer and a 1980's gun with a silencer.
Credits + DL Links/ Creditos + DL Links
TDA Miku by YamiSweet
TDA APPEND Rin by akirinaf pass=TdarinAPkc
TDA APPEND Neru by vk_MMD pass=NeruAppend
TDA Luka by Sakutaroff(I think/creo) //sorry, distribution ended/ Lo siento, la distribucion termino
TDA CUL by princessayw
TDA Teto by ReYaMa090

ONE PIECE - самая большая коллекция артов ВКонтакте
Я сделала это слайдшоу в приложении Picrolla
чёткий замес))
большое спасибо тому, кто снимал))
Будьте осторожны, вам нужно как минимум 160 МБ свободной оперативной памяти для запуска игры.
"Мертвые Эффект является довольно удивительным." 9/10
"Графически игра на высшем уровне." 4/5 Звезды
"Мертвые Эффект [...] поражает впечатляющий баланс между юмором и страха" 4/5
ESS Меридиан система: Среда 7 сентября 2045 ... 178 дней спячки.
Дельта 3 палаты, активность ... Тканевые и жизненно важные функции Проверьте.
Ошибка! Срыв Обнаружено ... Критические Здоровье Обнаружено.
3 ... 2 ... 1 ... Пробуждение!
Что-то не так, спячки стручки пусты. То, что происходит?
Вы элитного члена Группы 13. Борьба за свою жизнь в Научно-фантастические FPS игры, который будет отправлять озноб по спине.
• Хватай телефон / планшет, получить в управление и принести зараженные ужасы вниз. Ваш интерфейс зомби-съемки готов.
• Эпическая одиночная кампания ждет вас с более чем 5 часов сюжетной игры. Пространство холодно и полон ужасов.
• На протяжении всей кампании
Я сделал это слайдшоу в приложении Picrolla
Triggering the remote flash with the pop up and posing the subject
Check out our new #LearnToDJ video series. This first installment features DJ As-One (DMC Washington DC Champion & Red Bull Thre3style Washington DC Runner-Up) teaching effective way to use scratching techniques for mixing out of songs.

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Warning: the video includes mild spoilers.

Full article:
В видео показано как пользоваться функцией "Dissect data/structures" и написание простого фильтра в Cheat Engine.
Всё это делается на примере игрушки - Mass Effect 3.
Результат: бессмертие главного героя и его союзников, убийство врагов с одного удара.
CLICK HERE for MORE VIDEOS! Please see the "About" section of the channel page for details of how to use the sound effects.

Want more Citadel DLC and other Mass Effect 3 DLCs? Check the playlists down below:

Mass Effect 3: Citadel DLC

Mass Effect 3: Omega DLC

Mass Effect 3: Leviathan DLC

Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut DLC

Mass Effect
Yep this since I first joined in September I've gotten over 20,000 views YAY! So as I gift here are the sounds of the Big One from Jurassic Park. Yep that is right the raptor leader makes herself the Christmas of yesterday and today and we feel it just right for this day! ^_^

Merry Christmas to Sound Designers YouTubers everywhere!

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JDS Films / Big Lyrik Ent Presents

The Cypher Effect Live Event (10/06/12)

Footage Of KRS ONE's Performance w/ an appearance by Ras Kass

Shot By Chris Reyes
Edited By JDS
Twitter: @JDSFilms

A JDS Production

#1 For this you'll need two videotracks. Insert the videoclip in the first videotrack.

#2 Right click, copy and paste it into the second track right above the first.

#3 Now click on Pan/Crop of the upper video clip and zoom in

#4 Click on the compositing mode sign - Add (you can also try the others)

#5 Now you can also lower the opacity or let the second clip fade in at a different time
A track that wasn't on the Mass Effect 3 OST. This song plays when Thane dies in the hospital. :'(


Don't own anything, everything's Bioware's blah blah blah

Behind The Scenes special effects from the movie C.R.A.Z.Y

Including music from Patsy Cline David Bowie

Starring Marc-André Grondin

"Odessa Music Underground Theatre":
Live cover project "The Cure "Pornography" (1982)", Odessa, Ukraine
MASS EFFECT ANDROMEDA Gameplay Demo and All Trailers So Far (PS4, XBOX ONE, PC) 2017

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The Korg Beat Boy enables guitarists or bassists to improve their skills quickly and easily with three practice tools plus a tuner, all in a single unit. In addition to the tuner, Beat Boy contains a rhythm machine covering 100 diverse styles, an effects section for sonic variation when jamming along with the rhythms, plus an onboard recorder that allows for 16-bit/44.1 kHz recording. The compact Beat Boy fits easily into the pocket of a gig bag, for practice both at home or on-the-go.

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THE CYPHER EFFECT [ Season 3 / Episode 10 ]

#DIYFEST2014 Edition ( Part Three )



СПС оперативнику: Nordrom Nordrom []

Очень хотелось создать видео не о "командоре Шепарде - герое войны", а о просто девушке, которая очень любит и очень сильно любима. Всем любителям романтики посвящается....

Visual Effects shots done by redchillies.vfx in the Bollywood Blockbuster - Ra.One
О да, накнец-то сделала ролик по mass effect >:D
Dua Lipa - Be The One (Deep Sound Effect Remix)
Xbox One - Backward Compatibility Gameplay (Mass Effect)

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The One Show had a massive crane outside the studio so they invited me in to do a long bead drop!

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"Driven to the very edge of annihilation the races of the galaxy come together for one last desperate battle on which they pin all their hopes on for victory against the Reapers."

I did this little video since I was was rather unsatisfied with the work Bioware put in terms of making the battles feel epic. Earth was just a boring slog to go through.

Music used: Luke Pasqualino demonostrates the secrets of The Musketeers special effects with Colin the producer kindly helping out.
In June 2011, Positive Grid took a bold step forward to shake the sound quality and features in modern digital guitar rigs and launched JamUp app. Today, with millions of users and the fastest growing guitar and bass user base, JamUp is the go-to app for worldwide guitar and bass players. One thing is clear: more is coming, and it will be stunning.

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The Daily and fxguide's exclusive look at the visual effects of Dredd 3D. Find out how the real world city of Johannesburgh, South Africa, was turned into the post-apocalyptic wasteland of Mega-City One from Jon Thum, VFX Supervisor, Dredd 3D and Prime Focus World


By Scott Broock and Ian Failes, fxguide
Английский режиссёр и продюссер Гарет Эдвардс привлёк внимание киностудий тем, что представил на Каннском фестивале кино, не уступающее по качеству картинки «Району №9», затратив на его производство всего $15000. Впервые же, он засветился в 2008 году, когда, по заказу BBC, снял документально–образовательный фильм «Атилла», использовав для спецэффектов свой домашний ноутбук и программы адобы Photoshop и After Effects.
Video - Mass Effect 2
Music - Dream Evil 'The Chosen Ones'
Disclaimer - I own just an idea)

An alternative ending to Mass Effect 2, where Shepard looses the entire crew and dies.

Female Shepard!
NO COPY RIGHT INTENDED, THIS IS FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY- put your headphones in and close your eyes, imagine Justin is singing this to you in an empty arena. please subscribe to my main channel - xNicole10x :) thanks for watching! if you have any bieber songs to request just comment below :) follow me on twitter - @IrelandLoves_JB

Для поклонниц Гарруса ))
Песня - Darsn - Я не Знаю Неба
Duo Camera в новом HTC One (M8) предоставляет множество возможностей для пост-обработки фото и добавления различных эффектов. Смотрите подробнее в нашей видеоинструкции (доступны русские субтитры)
Download the Multitracks for this song and get a whole bunch of other free goodies here:

Start your Free Trial at the PLAP Academy:

David Mood will show you several ways to control the dynamics of your vocal- and bass tracks and add fatness and character to them by using saturation.

This tutorial is an excellent example on how you can completely alter the vibe and feel of the song, just by adding colour and distortion. - I
We have created a tool that makes GIF animations right from within Adobe After Effects. Check it out!
Create simple Rogue One Eclipse Effect in Photoshop and After Effects.

Free Saber Plug-in:


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Just a quick comparison between the same segment of the game running on both Xbox One with BC and the original Xbox 360.

A few points:
-Some frequent stuttering points in the 360 version run perfectly smooth on X1, but not all
-Texture pop-in is vastly improved. While not perfect, there are many instances where it no longer happens at all
-Load times are shorter. In this video it was 4 seconds, but wh
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Microsoft has managed to virtualise the entire Xbox 360 hardware architecture, allowing for backwards compatibility on Xbox One! It was one of the biggest announcements at E3, and preview dashboard testers can try it now.

First impressions? Well, they're mixed. That it works at all is a miracle, but game performance isn't quite what it should be. Here, we see that gameplay frame-rates for Mass Effect are much lower than the same co
#bc #beatboxconnection #битбокс #spencerpolanco

Russian beatbox family – Beatbox Connection, Subscribe to us!

Hey, my name is Spencer and I like to make weird sounds and sometimes make them into beats.

Sound Effects:
1 - Vibrating Cell Phone
2 - Squeegee
3 - Water
4 - Heart Beat
5 - Bongo Drum
6 - Air Horn
7 - Didgeridoo
8 - Robot
9 - Duck
10 - Frog
11 - Elephant
12 - Pig
13 - Vocal Scratch
14 - Zipper
15 - Machine Gun
16 - Alien
17 - Laser
18 - Clicks
19 - Car Engine
20 - Bike Chain

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In this tutorial we have taught you that how to make an dispersion effect in Photoshop CC. In this tutorial we have used some smoke brushes. We created some background and some text. Hope you will enjoyed...!
Used font is here:
Source file here:
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A full breakdown of PC's main advantages over console editions of Mass Effect Andromeda. Higher quality texture maps, superior effects, and sharper...
(+812) Today, the video is an in deep analysis of what's going on in One Piece World! Do you know Butterfly Effect? As in One Piece everything relates everything like a web, I think we can learn something about Eichiiro Oda's style by using this concept

Feel free to leave your comments or send me messages. Leave your like if you enjoyed it. Subscribe the channel for more upcoming videos ;)

Some of my other videos:
+ Big Mom's 3-eyed crewmember, Brothers Grimm & Wizard of Oz:
The opening to Mass Effect 2 is absolutely stunning. Relive those moments by watching the beginning to arguably the best title in the series.

Mass Effect Andromeda - Cinematic Reveal Trailer

Mass Effect Andromeda - Andromeda Initiative Orientation Briefing Trailer:

Watch more trailers here!

Mass Effect Andromeda: 3 Minutes of
A quick look at the films nominated for Best Visual Effects at the 89th Academy Awards. The nominees are: - Deepwater Horizon - Doctor Strange ...
A Mass Effect Andromeda frame rate test showing the performance of the Xbox One version. This test is of the EA Access trial version.

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Masks in After Effects can be a chore, but they don't HAVE to be. Just watch it y'all.

Thanks for watching!

Mordin says Hello.

• About 'One More Story' •
"One More Story" is a fan-inspired machinima series, reimagining the controversial endings of Bioware's MASS EFFECT 3. After the end of the Reaper War, the results of Commander Shepard's choices change the state of the galaxy forever. But what happens to the galaxy after Shepard is gone? OMS takes a deeper look into the lives of Shepard's companions and loved ones after synthesis, control, and destroy.

A new OMS every Thursday!
Until next wee
MASS EFFECT ANDROMEDA Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 Open World.

Mass Effect Andromeda takes players far beyond the boundaries of the Milky Way into ...
Here's a first look at the beginning sections of Mass Effect Andromeda running on PS4 and Xbox One. We'll have much more on this one next week.

MASS EFFECT Андромеда Геймплей Демо и все трейлеры So Far (PS4 Xbox One PC) 2017
► VST / Сведение / Мастеринг
► Типичный звукорежиссёр
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Мотивация для музыкантов
PS 4 взлом | jailbreak | PS4 новости , PS4 Игры

Скоро будут доступны для скачивания игры PS4 бесплатно!
Shows a shot with lens distortion being tracked and solved in SynthEyes, then the one-pass lens workflow being used and the scene exported to After Effects. The one-pass workflow produces shots with no lens distortion (ie it has been removed) for delivery to the client. Includes adding a small flag in a 3-D layer to the shot. Shot credit: Arnie Itzkowitz, Aerial Exposures.
Join the Andromeda Initiative !

MASS EFFECT ANDROMEDA - New Cinematic Trailer (PS4 / Xbox One / PC)
Release date : March 2017 on PS4, Xbox One and PC
© 2016 - BioWare
Saren - Mass Effect
Slimy Spring Galaxy - Super Mario Galaxy 2
Pop Star - Kirby 64
Athletic - Yoshi's Island
Suicide Mission - Mass Effect 2

Enjoy our brand NEW VIDEO "Band of Brothers"!

Thanks to:
Ben from Inward Effect!

Matti for the video!

Stefan for the mastering!

and Michael for the recording!


In this Photoshop cc Tutorial, we will learn to create HDR photo effects using one photo and i am using load images in photomatix pro



Mass Effect Andromeda Xbox One (Pre-Release) Частота кадров
▂ ▃ ▄ ▅ ▆ ▇ █ LEGGIMI █ ▇ ▆ ▅ ▄ ▃ ▂



► Video in cui è usato l'effetto:
Clubfeet - Everything You Wanted:
One Direction - You & I:
CorridorDigital - Photoreal:
Kutsal Toprak - Soner Sarıkabadayı:

Come al solito io vi ringrazio per aver visto questo video e se vi è piaciuto vi invito anche a l
Бот по Final Fantasy в Телеграме:
Больше Final Fantasy в группах и!
Обратную совместимость дисков для Xbox 360 на Xbox One показали на примере Mass Effect.
MASS EFFECT ANDROMEDA Gameplay Walkthrough 4K (The Game Awards 2016) PS4 PRO/Xbox One/PC.

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Introduction to Maya Fluid Effects Vol.1
Smoke and Flames with Wayne Hollingsworth
собираемся на перевод =>
"I need to know you're always coming back." - Liara T'Soni

Watch more "One More Story" here -:

Note: Sorry it's a bit late! My Tali video was inexplicably bashed in the head by 3ds Max. Lots of hours work down the drain. Don't know. It will be up on here soon. How soon...I cannot determine.

Edit: Youtube also kept the original video (there was different music used initially) processing for hours without working! So,
MASS EFFECT ANDROMEDA Extended Story Cinematic Trailer coming 2017 for PS4 Xbox One and PC!

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Mass Effect Andromeda Gameplay Trailer E3 2016. Mass Effect Andromeda Trailer

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"Promise me, you'll come back to me. Alive." - Miranda Lawson

• Quick Word •
HI! So, obviously this isn't like my normal "One More Story" vids. I wanted to try something different with actually editing an ending. Miranda was one of my favorite characters, so I decided to try something.

Don't worry - these types of endings won't be common. I still prefer full animation :)

This vid is based off the Destroy ending (with the breath scene).

Watch more "One More Story" here - http:/
Долго делал,много старался надеюсь понравится.
Понравится,ставьте лайки.=)
Видео сделано специально для конкурса на
Все права на игру принадлежат EA games.
При создании использовался следующий софт:
Corel VideoStudio Pro X5,UVScreenCamera