One Against the Wind: Один против ветра (1991) | One Against the Wind, all Movie Mystery-Suspense one against the wind / один против ветра, One Against The

One Against the Wind

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Во время Второй мировой войны английская графиня и бывшая медсестра во время первой мировой Мэри Линделл живет в окупированной Франции со своим сыном Морисом и дочерью Барб. Когда она встречает раненого английского майора Джеймса Леггэта, то решается помочь ему убежать в Испанию. Ситуация осложняется любовью ее дочери с немецким офицером. Фильм основан на реальной истории
all Movie Mystery-Suspense one against the wind / один против ветра
One Against The Wind Trailer 1991
Director: Larry Elikann
Starring: Denholm Elliott, Judy Davis, Sam Neill, Anthony Higgins, Christien Anholt,

Official Content From Republic Pictures Home Video

True story of Mary Lindell, a British mother who risked her life for the Allied cause in Nazi-occupied Paris.

Movie, One Against The Wind Movie,One Against The Wind Trailer,One Against The Wind 1991, Larry Elikann,Denholm Elliott, Judy Davis, Sam Neill, Anthony Higgins, Christien Anholt,
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This award-winning TV production tells the true story of a heroic woman's underground operation to spirit Allied soldiers out of Nazi-occupied France. Her name is Mary Lindell, a British-born Red Cross nurse living in France with her two teenage children, Maurice and Barbé, by Lindell's marriage to Count de Melville. The story begins in Paris in 1940 when a downed British flier, Maj. James Legatt (Sam Neill), stumbles to a table at a sidewalk
One Against The Wind (1991)
Трейлер первого фильма с Кейт Бекинсейл. Сам фильм, несмотря на все старания, найти так и не удалось...
(c)1991 CBS Corporation

This came from the end of a 1991 Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer airing and is a promo for the Hallmark Hall of Fame movie "One Against the Wind" (the movie was about the true story of Mary Lindell; a British woman and wife of the Count de Milleville, who along with her sons helped set up escape lines out of France -- at the time occupied by the Nazis -- under her arrest; where she and her sons were sentenced to death {the Countess and one son survived despite severe torture; while a