Ohio Players: Ohio Players "Love Rollercoaster", Ohio Players - Love Rollercoaster (31.01.1976 - 06.02.1976), Ohio Players - Love Rollercoaster (live), Ohio

Ohio Players

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С Днём Всех Влюблённых... и не очень.))
Red Hot Chili Peppers - Love Rollercoaster

You give me that funny feeling in my tummy.

Ahhh shit, yeah, that's right, huh
Rollercoaster of Love
Say what?
Rollercoaster, yeah (ooh ooh, ooh ooh)
Oh, baby, you know what I'm talkin' about
Rollercoaster of Love (love rollercoaster, child)
Oh, yeah, it's Rollercoaster time
Lovin' you is really wild
Oh, it′s just a love rollercoaster
Step right up and get your tickets!

Your love is like a
live 1975 фантастика)
любимейший горячий фанк с детства
Сначала услышал кавер в исполнении RHCP. Потом отыскал оригинал.Для фэнов "перцев" советую одноименный клип, в котором рисованные музыканты(Энтони Кидис и ко) катаются на американских горках вместе с Бивисом и Батхедом.
Тёма Стоунз

Я сделал это слайдшоу в приложении Picrolla http://vk.com/picrolla
Я сделал это слайдшоу в приложении Picrolla http://vk.com/picrolla
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The funkiest and the craziest joint from the Ohio Players...Enjoy it!

Я сделала это слайдшоу в приложении Picrolla http://vk.com/picrolla
The Ohio Players at Midnight Special 1975
The Ohio Players live on the Midnight Special in 1975.

Disclaimer-No models or rabbits were stabbed or otherwise harmed during this particular performance...
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Burt Sugarman's Midnight Special. 1975
A1 Ecstasy
A2 You And Me
A3 (Not So) Sad And Lonely
A4 (I Wanna Know) Do You Feel It
A5 Black Cat
B1 Food Stamps Y'all
B2 Spinning
B3 Sleep Talk
B4 Silly Billy

(R.I.P Sugarfoot's)
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The Ohio Players were an American funk and R&B band, most popular in the 1970s. They are best known for their double #1 hit songs "Fire" and "Love Rollercoaster".
Gold certifications, records selling at least one million copies, were awarded to the singles "Funky Worm," "Skin Tight," "Fire," and "Love Rollercoaster;" plus to their albums Skin Tight, Fire, and Honey
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This tribute mix features another great band from Ohio. Starting in the late 50s, this band went threw changes until they found their groove in the 70s with a string of memorable funk jams. Although they had some great hard core jams I started this mix off with their great slow grooves.

Let's Love - The Ohio Players
Bi-Centennial - The Ohio Players
Honey - The Ohio Players
Heaven Must Be Like This - The Ohio Players
Can You Still Love Me? - The Ohio Players
I Want to Be Free - The Ohio Players
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Album cover artwork enhanced by deejayroyalt. The Ohio Players HONEY album was released in 1975 and included such memorable tracks as Love Rollercoaster, Sweet Sticky Thing, Fopp, and the title track Honey.
Ohio Players - Love Rollercoaster STUDIO VERSION!

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"Fire" was a hit song by American R&B/funk band The Ohio Players. The song was released in late 1974, the opening track from the album of the same name (the sixth studio album by the Dayton, Ohio-based group and the second released through the Mercury label), and peaked at the top of both the pop and soul charts. It spent one week at number one on the Billboard Hot 100 and five weeks at the top of the Hot Soul Singles chart in early 1975. "Fire" was The Ohio Players' only entry onto the new Disco/Dance c
Ohio Players- Summertime (Trespassin' 1966) Summertime '64
Taken from the group's 1972 Westbound album "Pleasure".
Sampled by Wu-Elements' 4th Disciple for Killah Priest's "B.I.B.L.E.(Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth)"
and Da King I's "Tears" among others I can't think of right now.
This was one of my first videos so the captions are out of synch but anyway............

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Самые свежие релизы!!!
И лучший старый добрый хип-хап.
2014/8/24 D'angelo Live in Brooklyn,NY. @commodore barry park
Music video by Ohio Player performing Sweet Sticky Thing.

Ohio Players on Letterman- Leroy 'sugarfoot' Bonner RIP vocals Jimmy 'diamond' Williams timbolies Chet Willis backgrown vocals [sorry for the video lines]<br/><br/>
Great song, and again my favorite period on Soul Train<br/><br/>
Love Rollercoaster - Ohio Players

One fabulous concert at Tioga Downs in Nichols, NY on September 18, 2009. Along with Sister Sledge, the Ohio Players rocked down the stadium!! Unbelieveably good and a great amount of fun!
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