Of Time and the City: Terence Davies "Of Time and the City" 2008, Of Time And the City-Terence Davies., DOCUMENTARY.ES - Of Time And the City V.O.S.E.avi, О

Of Time and the City

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The Crew New-York city, time square, central park, statue of liberty, day and night, 1080p, Closed beta

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OF TIME AND THE CITY trailer - In selected Australian cinemas from March 12, 2009

Terence Davies' ode to his native Liverpool - a rhapsodic reverie of innocence and experience, and a moving meditation on the passing of the years.

Of Time and The City is both a love song and a eulogy to the director's birthplace of Liverpool. It is also a response to memory, reflection and the experience of losing a sense of place as the skyline changes and time takes it toll.
Manchester City Centre Time Laps in 360 for VR - Amazing 360 view of the City. For best results use a virtual reality headset such as google cardbo...
City and Colour headlining a crowd of 18,000 in Niagara-On-The-Lake, ON. This video is of City and Colour walking on stage for the first time of the night, and performing 'Forgive Me' and 'Of Space And Time', their first and second songs of the set, live at The Commons at Butler's Barracks Historic Site on June 29, 2013.
Season: 1
Episode: 1
Production: 1
First Aired: 9/25/1987
видео предоставлено группой: Джордж Рэймонд Ричард Мартин
Of Time and the City (2008) Directed by Terence Davies. A filmmaker looks at the history and transformation of his birthplace, Liverpool, England
City and Colour perform 'Forgive Me' followed by 'Of Space and Time' live in concert at Rock the Shores 2013 on the fields of Juan de Fuca Recreation Centre in Victoria BC (Colwood) Saturday July 13, 2013.

Rock the Shores: http://www.rocktheshores.com

Concert presented by Atomique Productions: http://www.atomiqueproductions.com

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