Oedipus: Oedipus Rex - Julie Taymor - SUBTITULOS 2/4, Oedipus Rex - Julie Taymor - SUBTITULOS 1/4, Oedipus Rex - Julie Taymor - SUBTITULOS 3/4, Oedipus Rex sub


La ópera de Stravinsky. Dirigida y diseñada por Julie Taymor.
La ópera de Stravinsky. Dirigida y diseñada por Julie Taymor.
La ópera de Stravinski, dirigida por Julie Taymor.

Playlist: http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=34037DFB21B43AF1
Opera oratorio en dos actos de Ígor Stravinski
Edipo: Philip Langridge
Yocasta: Jessye Norman
Creonte: Bryn Terfel
Tiresias: Harry Peeters

Conductor: Seiji Ozawa
Director: Julie Taymor
Que la disfruten!!!

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Действие в этой картине начинается сразу же после освобождения Алисы и переносит нас в её дом, где нам и предстоит узнать о последствиях перенесённой Алисы психологической травмы.
Скачать у авторов перевода: http://rutracker.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=3834412
Dir: Rong / UK / 2004
A man, a poem, and a family destroyed. History has never taught us so much.

Театральная постановка классической трагедии Софокла, перенесенная на экран канадскими кинематографистами. Все актеры, как и подобало в древнегреческом театре, играют в масках. Эдип, ставший царем одного из маленьких независимых греческих государств, воспылал запретной страстью к очень красивой и еще такой молодой женщине. И эта женщина ответила ему такой же безумной похотью, хотя не имела права на это...

Сценарий: Уильям Батлер Йетс, Софокл
Режиссер: Тайрон Гутри, Абрахам Полонск / Tairon Gutri, Abraham Polonsk

В ролях: Наоми Камерон, Дуглас Кемпбелл, Дональд Дэвис, Барбара Франклин, Роберт Гудьир, Эрик Хаус, Уильям Хатт, Дуглас Рэйн, Уильям Шатнер, Элеанор Стюарт
Oedipus the King 1984 TV Movie starring Michael Pennington & Claire Bloom
Oedipus the King 1984 TV Movie starring Michael Pennington & Claire Bloom
Опера-оратория, режиссер Джули Теймор, дирижер Сэйджи Озава, хореограф Сузуши Ханаяги, декорации Георгий Цыпин, маски и скульптуры Джули Тэймор, костюмы Эми Вада, партии исполняют Филип Лангридж, Джесси Норман, Мин Танака, Брин Терфел, Гарри Питерс

Хор Токийской оперы. Опера была представлена на Фестивале памяти Хидэо Сайто Мацумото. Исполняется на латыни, партия чтеца - по-японски.
Премия Эмми-1993: лучшие костюмы для телефильма.
Oedipus rex by Igor Stravinsky
Performer: Philip Langridge (Tenor), Jessye Norman (Soprano), Bryn Terfel (Baritone)
Conductor: Seiji Ozawa
Opéra-oratorio en 2 actes d'Igor Stravinsky, créé en version de concert le 30 mai 1927 au théâtre Sarah-Bernhardt (Paris), puis en version scénique le 23 février 1928 à l'Opéra d'État de Vienne
Livret : Jean Cocteau, d'après Sophocle
- texte narratif en français (ici en japonais)
- texte chanté en latin, traduit par le cardinal Jean Daniélou
ST : français, english, italiano, español, deutsch

Direction musicale : Seiji Ozawa
Orchestre de Saito Kinen
Mise en scène au Festival de Sai
Quick homemade videocut from "Platform" club. Saint Petersburg.
From - Tape 1 (Dvation) -1978

-uploaded in HD at http://www.TunesToTube.com
Oedipus the King 1984 TV Movie starring Michael Pennington & Claire Bloom
Oedipus the King 1984 TV Movie starring Michael Pennington & Claire Bloom
Nishiogikubo Studio UEN 2009.11.29 STAB Vol.1
Ralph Fiennes takes the title role in Frank McGuinness new version of Sophocles magnificent tragedy which is at the National Theatre from Wednesday 8 October 2008.

«Царь Эдип» оперы-оратории Игоря Стравинского. Дизайн сцены, реализация.
Oedipus with lyrics
I'm sorry for the spelling mistakes. But I don't want to delete the video. Thanks for understanding. :)

The story of Oedipus, in 8 minutes, performed by vegetables, in the tradition of Ben Hur. A sword and salad epic, in classic CinemaScope. Featuring a Potato, a Tomato, Broccoli, Garlic, and Billy Dee Williams as the Bartender. The film took two years, a volunteer crew of more than 100 people, and post production resources donated by Industrial Light + Magic and Skywalker Sound. One of the first stop-motion films shot on a digital still camera.<br/><br/>
Стравинский .Ария Иокасты из оперы-оратории " Царь Эдип "

меццо Юлия Файзулина

концертмейстер Карина Погосбекова
Oedipus the King 1984 TV Movie starring Michael Pennington & Claire Bloom
This is interpretation of antique legend about czar Oedipus

Thx to
photography - Avdeeva L.
model - Sergeeva L.
music - Caveat Emptor
Видео предоставлено группой Takarazuka Kagekidan: http://vk.com/takarazukakagekidan
"Music for a while
Shall all your cares beguile.
Wond'ring how your pains were eas'd
And disdaining to be pleas'd
Till Alecto free the dead
From their eternal bands,
Till the snakes drop from her head,
And the whip from out her hands".
Act 2 -- "Trivium, Trivium" - Jessye Norman (Jocasta) - Philip Langridge (Oedipus) - Opera Oratorio in two acts - Poem after Sophocles by Jean Cocteau - Tokyo Opera Singers - Seiji Ozawa - Sung in latin
Opéra Oratorio Stravisky

Historical Recording of the first performance at the Théâtre des Champs Elysées

Léopold Simoneau, Bernard Cottret, George Abdoun, Gérard Serkoyan, Eugenia Zareska, Michel Hamel. Jean Cocteau, récitant

Orchestre National, Choeur de la RDF sous la direction de Stravinsky

If you have a copyright concern, please send me a message before submitting a report to Youtube, I will remove the uploads immediately. Thank you.
oedipus rex/ эдип царь 2002 джулиано ди капуа ксения раппопорт тарас бибич андрей прикотенко эмиль капелюшь

"Oedipus Rex" , Opera-Oratorio in 2 Acts after Sofocle
by Igor Stravinsky
Text by Jean Cocteau
Giancarlo Sbragia (Narrator)
Lajos Kozma (Oedipus)
Tatiana Troyanos (Jocasta)
Franz Crass (Creonte/Messenger)
Luigi Roni (Teresias)
Franco Jacopucci (Shepherd)
Orchestra Sinfonica e coro di Roma della RAI
Gianni Lazzari,chorusmaster
Claudio Abbado, conductor
Roma 08.II.1969
Igor STRAVINSKY: "Oedipus Rex", Opera-Oratorio in two parts, on text by Jean Cocteau from Sophocles, Latin translation by J.Daniélou, for soli, ma...

iva Movie Drama oedipus rex
Yamina Maamar, Arie der "Jokasta" aus "Oedipus der Tyrann" von Carl Orff
Killer early T-power track on Soapbar recordings. I really like T-Powers early stuff, favourite being The Elemental on SOUR. Though his later stuff is also good, but it always seem a bit more kinda ambient/idm/prog rock-ish but not in a bad way! This track engineered by Pete Parsons of DeeJay/Lucky Spin fame. Automatic buy on sight for me if his name is on the label as you know it'll be good.

Elektro-Synthy-House style

Jocasta: Tatiana Troyanos
Oedipus: Lajos Kozma
Creon: Frans Crass
Tiresias: Luigi Roni
The shepherd: Franco Jacopucci
Narrator: Giancarlo Sbragia
Orchestra e Coro della RAI di Roma
dir. Claudio Abbado
rec. february 8th 1969

I ll make him an offer he cant refuse
Countertenor JungKwon Jang
Piano Jongeun Lee
Nov. 2015 in HH
H.Purcell: Music for a while (from Oedipus)
카운터테너 장정권

James Dashow - Oedipus Orca [Titoli]
'What is Psychoanalysis?' is a 4-part educational film series for students and teachers.

Primarily aimed at A-Level Psychology students studying the 'psychodynamic approach', these films are intended to facilitate first encounters with Freud's thought.

The emotional world of children
His Majesty the Baby
The mother as first love object
Is it sexual?
Jealousy, rivalry, hatred and anxiety
The role of the father
Gender: Freud didn't think you were just 'born a boy' or 'born a girl'
There is
Yamina Maamar (Jokasta), Szene aus "Oedipus der Tyrann" von Carl Orff

Oedipus the King 1984 TV Movie starring Michael Pennington & Claire Bloom

Pour l'amour de la musique II: À la recherche du temps perdu | Oedipus
Фестиваль историй в "Аптекарском огороде", март 2013. Режиссер истории Ксения Зорина. (Storytelling festival, Moscow, March 2013. Director Ksenia Zorina).
This week, a great example of neoclassicism from the French master Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres
Album: Oedipus Dethroned (2000)

Delivered to my Experience of Literature class on 5/15/15 at Middle Tennessee State University. Copyright 2015 Ted Sherman.
Conductor: Valery Gergiev,
Mariinsky Orchestra and Chorus
Sergei Semichkur as Oedipus - tenor
Ekaterina Semenchuk as Jocasta - mezzo-soprano
Stravinsky: Oedipus Rex - opera-oratórium

Will Hartmann - tenor (Oidipusz), Wiedemann Bernadett - mezzoszoprán (Iokaszté), Gábor Géza - bariton (Kreón), Palerdi András - bariton (Teiresziasz), Csapó József-tenor (Pásztor),Kovács István színművész- narrátor, a Nemzeti Énekkar Férfikara (karigazgató: Antal Mátyás), a Honvéd Együttes Férfikara (karigazgató: Strausz Kálmán)
Vezényel: Thomas Sanderling

про пьессу
Daphne Evangelatos, Igor Strawinsky - Oedipus Rex
Dirigent: Yakov Kreizberg
Berlin, Komische Oper
Oedipus the King 1984 TV Movie starring Michael Pennington & Claire Bloom
La ópera de Stravinsky, dirigida y diseñada por Julie Taymor

The multimedia project "OEDIPUS" is a search for new theatrical formats and a co-production between Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan. The film is accompanied by live music by Tashkent rock band Tears of Sun and the live voices of the characters are in three languages - Turkmen, Kyrgyz and Russian. It was performed at the Chingiz Aitmatov State National Russian Drama Theatre, Bishkek.
"The Weeks of Dasha" is a weekly fashion film series about Dasha Romanova and her first year in Stockholm. A new film every friday in 2010! See all films and read Dasha's diary at www.theweeksofdasha.com
и тут я поняла.что совсем не знаю английского языка...
00:00 .. Overture
10:44 .. Zeus
16:40 .. Baroque

All three parts of the live recording of the unreleased Oedipus Tyrannus album, Overture, Zeus and Baroque (all Chichester, August 18th, 1974).

Tangerine Tree Volume 41: Space Is The Place
CLIP of the performance Oedipus / bêt noir by Wim Vandekeybus / Ultima Vez which premiered on July 5th 2011 at Julidans in Amsterdam.

Credits CLIP:
DIRECTION Tim De Keersmaecker
EDITING Koen Timmerman, Tim De Keersmaecker and Wim Vandekeybus
ONLINE Koen Timmerman
GRADING Olivier Ogneux
MUSIC Elko Blijweert, Roland Van Campenhout Jeroen Stevens
Thanks to all the people at Ultima Vez and KVS

TEXT Jan Decorte
CREATED WITH PERFORMED BY Wim Vandekeybus, Ricardo Ambrozio, Elko Blijweert, Guy Dermul, Elena Fokina, Tanja Marín Friðjónsdóttir, Dawid Lorenc, Máté Mészáros, Bénédicte Mottart, Thi-Mai Nguyen, Jeroen Stevens, Dymitry Szypura, Willy Thomas, Julio Cesar Iglesias Ungo, Roland Van Campenhout, Carly Wijs
ORIGINAL MUSIC (LIVE) Elko Blijweert, Jeroen Stevens, Roland Van Campenhout
Peplum in animation based upon the Greek myth.
Oedipus, a brave and loving young man, learns that his destiny is to kill his father and sleep with his mother. Should he follow his destiny or follow his heart? We will help resolve this dilemma ..

Peplum en animation basée sur la mythologie grecque.
Œdipe, un jeune homme vaillant et amoureux, apprend que sa destinée est de tuer son père et de coucher avec sa mère. Doit-il suivre sa destiné ou suivre son cœur? On va l'aider à résoudre ce dil
Oedipus the King 1984 TV Movie starring Michael Pennington & Claire Bloom
Oedipus the King 1984 TV Movie starring Michael Pennington & Claire Bloom
Today we reeeeealy needed a break from the vlog / editing but we didn't want to fail at putting a video up every day like we promised.
So we decided to just sit down without a script or notes and just talk, sadly it ended in a domestic.

I suppose it cant all be silkly montages :)

BTW you can learn more about the Oedipus complex here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oedipus_complex

Much love,

Hannah and the boys xxx

p.s I 10000% told Stef Grayson was going though the oedipus complex several times but h
Ask Teal Website - http://www.askteal.com

The idea of incest sends shivers up our spine, so it is understandable how so many of us would rather deny that sexual feelings exist between parents and children. But the truth is, though not every one is effected by it to the same degree, the Oedipus complex is alive and well within all of us. And until we recognize its patterns, and accept them, we are doomed to neurotically repeat the same pattern in all of our relationships that we originally had with our pa

This is one of the newest, and Best Tom Lehrer song i heard. Thank you to my friend Kit, who introduced me to it.

I am wondering if i should do something more to my Tom Lehrer music videos than jsut the usual picture. So if you got an idea please tell me.

Song: Oedipus Rex
Singer: Tom Lehrer
Album: An Evening Wasted with Tom Lehrer
Couldn't find lyrics. Typed these, and I'm 100% sure they're accurate-

Feel me, moving constantly through the sounds
Persuading your thoughts, and haunting your memories all around
Drenched, infected, the enemy inside, he will not leave
Bound in the shackles of his mind, darkness feeding
Sanity is falling away in the abyss beyond control
I am alone, drifting endlessly.
Until all the silence is never seen within me, breaking my will down releasing my essence
Slowly losing self in my confusion
Seeking in

John Knowles Paine (1839-1906): Incidental music for Oedipus Tyrannus of Sophocles (Opus 35) (1880-1881)
Hartt Symphony Orchestra, Chorus and Soloists, Dr. Peter Harvey (1945-2005), conducting

While the Prelude to Paine's Oedipus Tyrannus has been recorded several time in the past few decades (the first on 78rpm disc conducted by Howard Hanson,) I cannot find where the complete music with chorus has ever found its way to commercial recording.

I have no recording details about this performance, but the Ha
Baseado na tragédia clássica de Sófocles, Édipo (Franco Citti), herdeiro do trono de Tebas, foi abandonado ao nascer em um deserto, por conta de uma previsão do Oráculo anunciando que o menino seria responsável pela morte de seu pai e se deitaria com sua mãe. Édipo é encontrado por um casal de camponeses que o criam. Porém, durante sua juventude ele se encontra com o mesmo Oráculo que o conta seu destino infeliz. Sendo assim, ele foge de seus pais camponeses, acreditando serem seus verdadeiros pais, em dire
Oedipus the King 1984 TV Movie starring Michael Pennington & Claire Bloom
Oedipus the King 1984 TV Movie starring Michael Pennington & Claire Bloom
Iokasta - Nadya Serdyuk, Oedipus - Alexander Timchenko,
Mariinsky Concert Hall,

Opera Oedipus der Thyrann von Carl Orff
Stravinsky's great opera-oratorio

Recorded in London, August 2014.


Oedipus – Allan Clayton
Jocasta – Hilary Summers
Creon – Juha Uusitalo
Tiresias – Brindley Sherratt
Messenger – Duncan Rock
Shepherd – Samuel Boden
Speaker – Rory Kinnear

Sakari Oramo - conductor
BBC Symphony Orchestra and Chorus. BBC Singers.
спектакль со мной был выдвинуть лев иосифовичем гительманом на соискание фестиваля "золотая маска" и получил маску симпатии критики
Filmed by the famed British actor/director Sir Tyrone Guthrie, this elegant version of Sophocles' important play adds a brilliant stroke--the actors wear masks just as the Greeks did in the playwright's day. The story of Oedipus' gradual discovery of his primal crime--killing his father and marrying his mother--has influenced many of the great plays, films and books of all time. When this landmark film production of one of the great dramas ever appeared, it was hailed from all corners: "Spectacular and awes
Ralph Fiennes
«Эдип-царь». Постановка «Театра на Литейном»
Музыкальный фрагмент
Oedipus Rex
Musique d'Igor Stravinsky. Texte de Jean Cocteau.
Direction : Bernard Haitink.
Neil Rosenshein (Oedipe), Dame Felicity Palmer (Jocaste), Claudio Desderi (Créon), Anton Scharinger (Tirésias / Le messager), Justin Lavender (Le berger), Jean Rochefort (narrateur).
Orchestre du Concertgebouw.
Choeur de la N.O.S.
Mise en scène et décors : Harry Wich.
Théâtre carré à Amsterdam 1984.
Видео предоставлено группой Takarazuka Kagekidan: http://vk.com/takarazukakagekidan
alyaska bar
ул. Ленина 13
The Oedipus Complex derives its name from a character from Greek Tragedy. This short animation explains the complex and shows how Sigmund Freud and Edvard Westermarck had differing theories around human sexual development.

Narrated by Aidan Turner. Scripted by Nigel Warbuton.

From the BBC Radio 4 series about life's big questions - A History of Ideas.

This project is from the BBC in partnership with The Open University, the animations were created by Cognitive.
режиссер: Пьер Паоло Пазолини
https://www.patreon.com/supersciencefriends Support us on Patreon!

While animating episode 1, show creator Brett Jubinville pulled an all-nighter on Twitch live-streaming with some fans. This is a sped-up version of those hours of drawing.
Фильм снят по трагедии Софокла — мифу об Эдипе, убившем своего отца и женившемся на своей матери. Оракул предсказал отцу Эдипа, что он умрет от рук собственного сына...
Смотреть, скачать в хорошем качестве и получить более подробную информацию о данном материале Вы можете на сайте moreman.my1.ru
Playing 'Oedipus Man' from our 2012 album 'Moxxy'.
For Bookings - Contact Ben Buckley - Air Artist Agency ben@airartistagency.com
Chris Montague - Guitar, Joshua Blackmore - Drums, Kit Downes - Organ

Terminal A performing the song "Oedipus Kiss" live at the Grand Star Jazz Club in Los Angeles, CA (Chinatown) on 12/12/14.

Filmed by: John Morfin

Act 2 -- "Nonn' Erubescite, Reges" - Jessye Norman (Jocasta) - Philip Langridge (Oedipus) - Opera Oratorio in two acts - Poem after Sophocles by Jean Cocteau - Tokyo Opera Singers - Seiji Ozawa - Sung in latin
an inter-media theater performance for the RUHRTRIENNALE 2004.
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/klaus.obermaier.works / WEBSITE: http://www.exile.at/ko/
director, visuals: Klaus Obermaier
reloaded: Hannes Hellmann
technical development: Ars Electronica Futurelab
curator, executive producer: Holger Bergmann
music by: Klaus Obermaier, Consuelo Velázquez
Bésame Mucho is performed by Diana Krall, available at:
Klaus Obermaier's music is now a
Запись программы "История идей" на BBC Radio 4. Читает Эйдан Тернер.
08. "Писатель Лайза Аппиньянези о любви к детям. Эдипов комплекс и эффект Вестермарка"
Загружено в группу vk.com/aidan_heart_winner
Jessye Norman - Nonn' Erubescite, Reges..........
(Ария Иокасты)
Oedipus the King 1984 TV Movie starring Michael Pennington & Claire Bloom
Oedipus - Burn It Down (2008)

Good God, working the grind.
I'm making less, geting nothing, coming up from behind.
I'm on the outside.
I'm refusing to lose.
I've got to drive to survive. Keeps me lighting the fuse.

I've got an earful of your flattering lies.
You're getting cut because you never look me straight in the eyes.
I'm at the apex.
Yeah, I'm thinning the herd.
I've got to fight to incite because I find you absurd.

And since you're not even
1989 - США

Режиссер: Вуди Аллен, Фрэнсис Форд Коппола, Мартин Скорсезе

«Нью-йоркские истории» — фильм, состоящий из трех частей так или иначе посвященных Нью-Йорку, которые сняты тремя разными режиссерами: Вуди Алленом - «Oedipus Wrecks» («Кошмарная мамочка»), Фрэнсисом Ф. Коппола - «Life Without Zoe» («Жизнь без Зои») и Мартином Скорсезе - «Life Lessons» («Уроки жизни»). Все они известны тем, что любят и знают Нью-Йорк, не раз запечатленный в их творчестве.
Брюс Кэмпбелл | Bruce Campbell
Gorillacoustic performance by Oedipus, live and unplugged from the La Brea Tar Pits.

For the newest bands, interviews and bonus performances, go to http://www.gorillacoustic.com

Ужасы. Короткий метр.
короткий фильм Вуди Аллена
из сборника "New York Stories"
Artist: Oedipus
Title: Tres Las
Website: www.oedipusband.com
Directed by: Red Earth

Produced by: Darian Cowgil @ The Den Recorders

Directed by: Red Earth Productions

Веселые и смешные обезьянки (приматы) - эдипов тамарин.
Игрунковые обезьяны, обитают северо-западной Колумбии, в районе у побережья Карибского моря. Питаются, преимущественно, насекомыми и фруктами. Эдипов тамарин ведёт дневной, древесный образ жизни. Живут совместно в группах численностью от 3 до 9 животных, состоящих из доминантной, моногамно живущей пары.
Fun and funny monkeys (primates) - Oedipus tamarin.
Igrunkovye monkeys inhabit the north-western Colombia, near the coast of the Caribbean Se
Musicals and Showtunes rock. Deal with it. One of our faves is Jesus Christ Superstar, the music from which is just really great. Jeremy and Stephen figured they'd do an acoustic guitar/vocal arrangement of the film version of "Heaven On Their Minds" written by Andrew Lloyd Webber for this week's vid...and guess what? Yup. It's awesome. When you have a spare rainy night, definitely check out Jesus Christ Superstar on DVD.

The wacky double guitar thing at the end is intentional, btw, for all you pic
Фильмы, Сериалы, Премьеры, Новинки: http://vk.com/app1736381 (http://v-kino.net). Описание фильма: Порочная любовь и вожделение к собственной матери стали именем нарицательным для определения такого рода человеческого греха. Эдип, впоследств... Подробнее: http://vk.com/app1736381#movie31443, http://v-kino.net/movie31443
Video from new Rock Action signings Desalvo. Track is called 'Oedipus Rising' and is taken from their forthcoming debut album 'Mood Poisoner'.
Production company: The Forest Of Black, Glasgow
DIRECTOR - Oskaras Korsunovas SET DESIGNER - Jurate Paulekaite COMPOSER - Gintaras Sodeika CHOREOGRAPHER - Vesta Grabstaite COSTUME DESIGNER - Vida Simanaviciute COSTUME DESIGNER - Aleksandras Pogrebnojus LIGHT TECHNICIAN - Eugenijus Sabaliauskas PERCUSSIST (PAISTE) - Arkadijus Gotesmanas CONSULTANT - Kristupas Sabolius A C T I N G : CREON - Remigijus Vilkaitis HERD OF LAIUS - Laimonas Noreika ISMENE - Vesta Grabstaite JOCASTA - Jurate Onaityte MESSENGER - Rimgaudas Karvelis OEDIPUS - Dainius Gaven
Szene aus Pier Paolo Pasolinis "Edipo Re" 1967,
Verfilmung des Dramas "König Ödipus" von Sophokles
"Nonn' erubescite, reges" from Act 2 of Igor Stravinsky's Oedipus Rex. Jessye Norman sings the part of Jocasta, and Seiji Ozawa conducts the Saito Kinen Orchestra in this filmed version of Julie Taymor's 1993 Kabuki-inspired production for the Saito Kinen Festival in Matsumoto, Japan.

Sophocles' tragedy Oedipus the King in Friedrich Holderlin's revolutionary 1804 German translation. In 5 Scenes and set to music by Carl Orff (1895-1982).

Rare 1992 DG - 20th Century Classics release.

Rafael Kubelik conducting the Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra and Chorus. - Recorded in Munich, November 1966 in the presence of the composer. (Composed 1959).

Oedipus - Gerhard Stolze
Creon - Keith Engen