Octavia's Waltz ~ Original MLP Music смотреть онлайн

Octavia's Waltz ~ Original MLP Music

This is a piece dedicated to my favourite pony, Octavia, a mare of Class and Refinement. Not Dubstep, but Classical. Instead of composing something melancholic and sad for her, I composed something more uplifting, in a style similar to the waltz. You see, I am not quite good at naming my compositions.
It is something I composed for my string quartet, but what you are currently listening to is actually a string ensemble.
I was planning to play each part on either violin or cello, and mix each track together, but my cello needs repairs ( ._.)
Raise the volume and listen to with headphones or earphones, to hear more details (This is high quality audio.)

Regardless, thank you for listening, enjoy!

If by any chance you would like a download of either the audio or the score, simply make a request in the comments. Please state the format you would like it in. (.mp3/.wav/.midi/ etc.)

MP3 Download:

Audio (.wav) Download: