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Ocarina II

Jaime ensina, de forma didática, como fazer uma ocarina de cerâmica.

We enter Hyrule Field and talk about moar potential movie. Liam Neeson and Greg Proops might be involved. @~@ I'm odd.
01 Ocarina II
02 Simple Merlene
03 Camilléva
04 Flying Officer
05 Cantica [Flute Solo]
06 Irwin
07 No No Stranger
08 Lonely Singer
09 Les Oiseaux
10 Ocarina II [Flute Solo]
11 Sparrow Dream
12 Cantica<br/><br/>
A (strange) tribute to one of my favourite bands.
Check them out at: https://www.facebook.com/AegaeonUS

Not 100% accurate, but i'm playing death metal with an ocarina, so...

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I'm using a 12holes Alto C aSongbird Ocarin.
Mic is OKTAVA mk219.
I added comp and rev and mixed it with the original track.

The use of
Diego Modena J-P. Audin
http://www.youtube.com/user/SoundOfNewAge - Relaxing music chennel
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