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Ocarina II

We enter Hyrule Field and talk about moar potential movie. Liam Neeson and Greg Proops might be involved. @~@ I'm odd.
Jaime ensina, de forma didática, como fazer uma ocarina de cerâmica.

01 Ocarina II
02 Simple Merlene
03 Camilléva
04 Flying Officer
05 Cantica [Flute Solo]
06 Irwin
07 No No Stranger
08 Lonely Singer
09 Les Oiseaux
10 Ocarina II [Flute Solo]
11 Sparrow Dream
12 Cantica<br/><br/>
A (strange) tribute to one of my favourite bands.
Check them out at: https://www.facebook.com/AegaeonUS

Not 100% accurate, but i'm playing death metal with an ocarina, so...

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I'm using a 12holes Alto C aSongbird Ocarin.
Mic is OKTAVA mk219.
I added comp and rev and mixed it with the original track.

The use of
Diego Modena J-P. Audin
http://www.youtube.com/user/SoundOfNewAge - Relaxing music chennel
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