Oberhofer - Away From You (BTR Live Studio): "Away From You" by Oberhofer - BTR Live Studio [Ep14], Oberhofer - Away From You (BTR Live Studio)

Oberhofer - Away From You (BTR Live Studio)

Oberhofer performs "Away From You" live in our studio. For the complete audio broadcast and playlist: http://www.breakthruradio.com/#/post/?blog=32post=815

Oberhofer is both the name of a man (Brad Oberhofer, of Tacoma, WA.), and a band — in fact, this band. Oberhofer was one of the best bands BTR's video team saw at CMJ, and the most tardy of any we've shot pre-CMJ or since (don't tell anyone we said that last bit). Still, it's understandable, given that at the time, Oberhofer had just come off of a two-show-, if not four-show-, per-day stint. How to describe Oberhofer's songs? Punk, rock, whatever. It's young and full of..feeling. Or, to put it another way, full of "passion for pop-song structure, both concise and expanded." Yeah, we didn't say that: The New York Times did. Enjoy.

Read more: http://www.myspace.com/oberhofermusic

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