OMG Dress | Transformable Fashion by Ximena Valero: OMG Dress Transformable Fashion.Vestidos Transformables.Abiti Transformable by Ximena Valero.

OMG Dress | Transformable Fashion by Ximena Valero

OMG Dress Transformable Fashion.~Vestidos Transformables Reversibles.~.Abiti Transformable reversibile by Ximena Valero.

Dress Transformable Reversible Fashion
Vestidos Transformables y reversibles.
Abiti Transformable reversibile
Vestidos Transformables-Reversíveis
Robes réversibles transformables.
by Ximena Valero

-Ximena Valero is a Mexican Fashion Designer and the winner of 2007 International Award for Designer of the Year for Excellence in Evening Wear of Miami's Fashion Week. She made her name in T - Ele HAND made - Школа кройки и шитья

Мастер-классы, Выкройки, Техники шитья, Полезные советы.
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