OBSCURA - "The Anticosmic Overload": Obscura - The Anticosmic Overload (2009), OBSCURA - “The Anticosmic Overload“ (Official Music Video), Obscura - The

OBSCURA - "The Anticosmic Overload"

Страна: Германия
Стиль: Progressive Deah Metal, Technical Death Metal
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/2009 / Progressive Death Metal
Artista: Obscura
Canción: The Anticosmic Overload
Álbum: Cosmogenesis
Año: 2009
Género: Progressive/Technical Death Metal
Discográfica: Relapse Records


К вопросу о безладе.
1й раз увидел этих типов
мне нра

максон, бас и аппарат - W
ничего плохого не увидел :)

Playing non-stop
Dean Edge 6 Fretless - EH Bass Metaphors
OBSCURA - "The Anticosmic Overload" Official Music Video from the critically acclaimed album 'Cosmogenesis'
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Obscura - The Anticosmic Overload. Live at Mario's Place, Jakarta, Indonesia (29 September 2011). Video by www.jurnallica.com

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One of my favorite Obscura songs. Thanks for watching.

Rhythm guitar cover of Obscura's song "The Anticosmic Overload".
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Me playing Christian Münzner´s solo from "The Anticosmic Overload" off the "Cosmogenesis" album. Changed the opening lick to my personal taste, the rest is rather close to the recorded version. Thanks to Christian for his kind permission! Gear used: Fountainhead signature 7-string #1 from Soultool Customized guitars ( http://soultool.com/ ), GoodTone Fountainhead signature Pickups ( http://www.goodtone-pickups.com/ ), Loxx ( http://www.loxx.biz ), Steinberg Cubase 8 ( https://www.steinberg.net ). Kemper Pr
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