Now I Need You: «ЛЮБИМЫЙ, НИКОГДА НЕ ЗАБУДУ» под музыку Армин Ван Бюрен - MiSS you.....LovE you....And I need you now.. Picrolla, «*-*» под музыку Armin van

Now I Need You

Я сделала это слайдшоу в приложении Picrolla
Я сделал это слайдшоу в приложении Picrolla
Я сделал это слайдшоу в приложении Picrolla
Я сделала это слайдшоу в приложении Picrolla
Я сделала это слайдшоу в приложении Picrolla
Я сделала это слайдшоу в приложении Picrolla
Я сделал это слайдшоу в приложении Picrolla
Я сделала это слайдшоу в приложении Picrolla
Я сделала это слайдшоу в приложении Picrolla
У нас всегда есть что посмотреть
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“Where are you now when I need you? #ineedyouthemost @rehablv #rehablv #bieberfever #vegas #fightweekend”
The lovely Jill Jackson singing in Glasgow at The Arches in March 2011....fantastic rendition of this brilliant song.

Song : Total Eclipse Of The Heart - Sleeping At Last
most beautiful song ever written. i was nearlly sobbing.

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Smokie Norful sings "I Need You Now" in 2004.

Not a second
Or another minute
Not an hour
Or another day

But at this moment with my arms outstretched
I need You to make a way
As You have done so many times before
Through a window or an open door

I stretch my hands to Thee
Come rescue me
I need You
Right away...
Я сделал это слайдшоу в приложении Picrolla
Я сделала это слайдшоу в приложении Picrolla
Я сделала это слайдшоу в приложении Picrolla
H2O: just add water | Просто добавь воды

Choreography: La Alemana
Dance director: Elena Oreshkina (Laura)
Я сделал это слайдшоу в приложении Picrolla
Я сделал это слайдшоу в приложении Picrolla
Я сделала это слайдшоу в приложении Picrolla

I apologize to all for the wrong written name, but in my country you can find(and buy) this song only with that name.

This song is so awesome, Enjoy!
Choreography: La Alemana
Dance director: Elena Oreshkina (Laura)
Dimitri Belikov and Caroline Forbes
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Holland/Lydia are Bonnie :)

Eu sei que a Elena que eu escolhi foi a original e não a que você tanto sonha, mas eu não tinha os episódios aqui. Espero que você goste desse pedacinho de merda pois fiz com muito amor. Eu te amo seu bosta. E não julga a "storyline" porque eu nem li esse livro. Hahaha!

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Okaaaaay ! After 3 long weeks we finally got that episode...DEFINITELY worth the wait!

♣ Fandom : The Blacklist
♣ Characters : Elizabeth "Lizzie" Keen, Raymond "Red" Reddington.
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HD it :D another maleo video I can't get over these two their so beautiful hoping for plenty of maleo when teen wolf returns in Jan :D
photo - St.Julia
video - Odessamama, St.Julia
model - Maryana Severenchuk
mastering - Odessamama
Sam/Dean, Dean/Castiel, Ed/Harry
Видео: Supernatural (Сверхъестественное)
The brand new single from Agnes!

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*songinfo at end of video
Avril Lavigne – When You're Gone
Olly Murs - I Need You Now (In Case You Didn't Know)
Here's Lyrics To The Song

Agnes Carlsson "I Need You Now" featuring Rick Mora CAHill Radio Remix.
more music good music

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Su richiesta una traduzione della bravissima Adele che ripropone il singolo di Lady Antebellum del 2009

Come di consueto vi ricordo i miei contatti:

● Голодные игры || The Hunger Games●
made by leytonluv03

Красивое видео по мотивам "Голодных игр".
Пит, конечно, взросло выглядит, но оч секси))
Я сделала это слайдшоу в приложении Picrolla
bir ara sıkıldım bıraktım ama sonra yarım bırakırsam asla devam etmeyeceğimi düşünüp tekrardan başladım ve bitirdim :)
Umarım beğenirsiniz.
Şarkı Plumb'a ait bu arada..:)
Лето запомнилось 2мя днями с любимой
Music video by Bill & Gloria Gaither performing I Need You Now (feat. Smokie Norful) [Live]. (P) (C) 2012 Spring House Music Group. All rights reserved. Unauthorized reproduction is a violation of applicable laws. Manufactured by EMI Christian Music Group,
Vasilisa "Lissa" Dragomir and Christian Ozera ( Amber Heard and Ian Somerhalder)
Sydney Sage and Adrian Ivashkov ( Evan Rachel Wood and Hayden Christensen)
Jillian "Jill" Mastrano and Eddie Castile ( Dianna Agron and Alex Pettyfer)

ПЕСНЯ: Paper Route – Dance On Our Graves<br/><br/>
Опен Эйр на Стрелке 28 мая 2016
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I've been working on this video for a while, and honestly I didn't think I would finish it at all. But here it is, and since YouTube is super annoying with the pixels and bad quality right now, I decided to render it again but in mp4 format. It worked, at least I don't see any pixels on my computer, but maybe you will :/
Anyway, I used a lot of sad scenes, so it's kind of depressing, but I hope you will enjoy it.

Everything you need to know is written at the end of the video!

Добропикник 2016
Выступление в Некрасовском саду
Choreography: La Alemana
Dance director: Elena Oreshkina (Laura)
Cette chanson signifie beaucoup pour moi de situations qui me sont arrivées et trahi mon âme, l'espèce de transe quie m'a fait la force et la capacité de vivre une vie heureuse et pleine liberté ...

Видео группы "Железный человек 1, 2, 3/ Iron Man 1, 2, 3 (2008. 2010, 2013) Джон Фавро" Заходите, смотрите видео, комментируйте.
feat. A$AP Mob & Juicy J
Я сделала это слайдшоу в приложении Picrolla
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song: Lady Antebellum - Need you now

хД после трех попыток сохранить, я наконец это сделала!))
Сюжет до безобразия прост и банален хД Блэр и Дэн - лучшие друзья, которые очень дорожат друг другом. Дэн начинает чувствовать, что видит в девушке не только друга, но и что-то большее...Но на

Я сделала это слайдшоу в приложении Picrolla

Создано Picrolla
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anime - neon genesis evangelion
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Song: Paper Route - Dance On Our Graves

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Nueva bachata romantica, Exito 2013.

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singing smokie norful I NEED YOU NOW.....I hope you're blessed by this.
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Not a second
Or another minute
Not an hour
Or another day

But at this moment with my arms outstretched
I need you to make a way
As you?ve done so many times before
Through a window or an open door

I s
Selena Marie Gomez and Harold Edward Styles<br/><br/>
No tengo ningun derecho sobra la cancion y los videos usados, todos los derechos van a Televisa.

Nombre video: Rebelde // I need you now.
Telenovela: Rebelde
Pareja: Todas
Personaje: Todos
Cancion: I need you now, te necesito ahora. (Ho bisogno di te adesso)
Qualidad: HQ
Tiempo de render: Algo como 5 o 10 minutos!

Congratulations to Mary-Kate and Ashley for their prize!! :')
They're really amazing<br/><br/>
this is stupid

the processing hecked up so there's a bit of lag here
oopsie poopsie

So yeah... weird couple, but who cares...
In this video Nala is not Kion's mother okay? Okay XD...
I know I used already this song but damn I love this song... so I had to use it again x3

Short crossover but I don't have any inspiration to make longer one...
yeah... so enjoy?

Big inspiration

Myself, Clover,H.O.R.S.E.Y.19
I owned nothing but the editing!
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So.... I've finally made it! You know it was very difficult for me because I didn't have clear image of what I exactly need. I didn't have inspiration for a while (I mean for a really long time), but now... You know, I'd made one video about "Supernatural" (surprisingly, isn't it?) but I'd deleted it because I'd thought that it hadn't been "that thing", I didn't like it so much, actually. But I think tha
Shot and edited by Moonculture Films check out their stuff!
Видеограф Артур Валитов
Студия видеографии "Opera Film"
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Coloring made by me.

This is my first Fitzsimmons video and I actually really like the effect. And I think it's the first time I used so many voiceovers :D These two give me so many feels, they will be the death of me. Seriously.

This video is for my sweet little squirrel aka Tammy. 💕 It's a birthday/wishlist present. I wish you all the best, hunnie. I hope this day was truly wonderful, because you deserve it. I hope you will like this little gift 💕 I wanted to make Skyw
Ugh I hate this so so didn't turn out the way I wanted it to but whatever. The colouring messed it up too :/ so you might wanna wear your sunglasses at some parts coz they get BRIGHT! Lmao!
Seriously though I started it ages ago and promised myself I'd finish it after the season 3 premiere but things were kinda crazy at home at that point (and still are sort of) so this is me just finishing it and yes I know it's rubbish and doesn't really follow a solid storyline but I needed a QR vid out of my s
Merry Christmas! It's been almost 3 years since I've uploaded a completed video. The last time was for my 21st birthday, this time, for Christmas. All this revival stuff has me on the verge of throwing up every single day, I can't take it anymore. And I get TWO NEW episodes the week of my birthday next month. I will not survive.

There are a couple things about this video I am not too happy with, but I pretty much gave up after having started it like 2+ years ago.
Please Help Me
Please Purefy Me
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drama:Flower boy next door

love these two *_*

Don't let the sun go down on me- ELTON JOHN& GEORGE MICHAEL
Eternal flame- BANGLES
Nothing compares 2 U- SINEAD O' CONNOR
What a wonderful world- LOUIS ARMSTRONG
Natural woman (You make me feel like a )- CAROLE KING
Wherever I lay my hat (That's my home)- PAUL YOUNG
I just want to make love to you- ETTA JAMES
Show me heaven- MARIA MCKEE
Love and affection- JOAN ARMATRADING
On silent wings- TINA TURNER
Soul provider -MICHAEL BOLTON
Oh Baby, I...- ETERNAL
So amazing- LUTHER
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John would raze the world to get Harold back; Harold would return the favor.
Нечеловеческая пластика от мастера танца
Видео размещено в группе: [club28699655|Yuri!!! on Ice]
(Cahill Remix Edit, 2009)
Видеофайл добавлен группой "True Blood | The Vampire Diaries | Fan Club".
Приятного просмотра!
"Now I Need You So Much More" - soulful, sensual, acoustic ballad.

Vocal - Natasha Grineva
Keys - Oleg Gubanov
Lyrics - Victoria Hozhalova
Music - Andrey Semenov (The Russe)
Mixing, Mastering - Taras Vashchishin
Я сделала это слайдшоу в приложении Picrolla
мое первое видео...<br/><br/>