North Korean Children Playing Guitar: North Korean children playing guitars (Very Creepy), North Korean children play the guitars,

North Korean Children Playing Guitar

комментарий с сайта: Cake would be honored to open for this awesome band.
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These kids are cute and they're great guitar players for their age, whatever age that might be.
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After coming across North Korean children with mad skills, why do people still refuse to acknowledge the credibility of the Great Nation? We have to admit that the North Korean regime has been able to bring high levels of human performance with very little resources, albeit threats & holding your father at gunpoint. 아, 좆같네. 지랄하네!

North Korean children playing guitar, really amazing
Да...Кажется, эту страну никому не победить)))
They are all kindergarteners in Chongjin City, North Korea.

ржачно,но они реально круто играют)))
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Funny Videos - North Korean Children Playing The Guitar
North Korean Children Playing The Guitar - Funny
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