Nocturnal Depression- Her Ghost Haunts These Walls: [AMV] Gantz Nocturnal Depression - Her Ghost Haunts These Walls (Subs Español/English Gantz), Nocturnal

Nocturnal Depression- Her Ghost Haunts These Walls

Nocturnal Depression- Her Ghost Haunts These Walls, from album "Reflections of a Sad Soul".


My hands are caressing the stones
Their coldness piercing my skin and creeping to my heart
The obscurity mixing black and gray
My blinded eyes open theirs
Everything there is full of sorrow
Everything there is crying
Forever lost

I take your hands; i follow you to a better place
I take your hands; let me stay by your side
I take your hands; i follow y
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Concierto De Nocturnal Depression Realizado En Santa Ana Chiautempan, Tlaxcala, El Pasado 26 De Febrero Del 2013

Mix with backing track and three guitars record with sonar pro 6.0

Septiembre 2008 Reflections of a Sad Soul...

"Los fantasmas nunca desaparecen... Ellos aun te manipulan"

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1° Time in Brasil (Nocturnal Depression).

Nocturnal Depression - Her Ghost Haunts These Walls (Piracicaba)

I've been inspired by the work of these groups and finally decided to do this stuff that is in front of you! At the moment I start to negotiate with these groups about the distribution of this release, I hope everything will be fine and we agree, and this release will be released! Soon release appears on itunes and similar stores as well as the plan to publish on a physical med
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Lyrics video of Her ghost Haunts These Walls. This song talks about how a someone who is in love with person who's dead now (a ghost) and begs her to bring him to afterlife. He realises that world is so empty without her and kills himself to join her as being a ghost.
This is my view of this song, someone else may understand this other way.
Country: France
Genre: DSBM
Album: Reflections of a Sad Soul (2008)
Third full-length album.
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Frozen In Time

Members of the band:
Evgen Parezhev - vocal and piano;
Artem Parezhev - guitars and music production;
Yury Andreev - bass-guitar and back vocal;
Odil Radzhapov - drums.