Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit (Drum Cover): Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit (Virtual Drum Cover Improvisation), NIRVANA - SMELLS LIKE TEEN SPIRIT - DRUM

Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit (Drum Cover)
Smells Like Teen Spirit is my favorite Nirvana song, this is my drum cover, enjoy!

Hi everybody ! =D Now i cover the song of the history by "NIRVANA" ! =D Peace, enjoy and share. =)

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Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit
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Милая и симпатичная девушка херачит по барабанам, прям загляденье)
Drum set:

1. Sabian 14" Hi Hats Hand Hammered
2. Sabian 22” Power Bell Ride HH
3. Sabian 18" AA Medium Crash
4. Zildjian 20" Z3 Medium Crash
5. DW5000 Double Bass Pedal

Инфо о группе:
1) ПРОТИВОРЕЧИЯ (2010г.)
2) ЗА КАДРОМ (2012г.)
4) ВЫШЕ ГОЛОВЫ (Часть 1) 2016г.


Повелихин & Ермакова
9 year old Alex Shumaker Drum Cover "Nirvana" Smells like Teen Spirit @alexshudrums (Instagram & Twitter)
жалко, что звук от пэдов слышен...а так вот первый опыт с ударными
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This is me covering a classic.

First one in 2013 :)

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Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit drum cover.

Triggering Addictive Drums software plugin from XLN audio.

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Дело было вечером, делать было нечего...
Снимал по приколу))))
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Today I covered one of the best rock song ever made haha ! Yep, I changed my drumhead ( on my First Tom and my Snare ). I also retune all my drum and remuffle my bass drum. I love the new sound. Anyway, tell me what you think, and Thanks for watching !
Aujourd'hui j'ai fait un cover d'un des chansons les plus connus du rock. Oui, j'ai changé mes peaux sur mon tom alto et ma caisse claire, j'ai aussi réaccordé toute la batterie et changé la façon d'étouffer ma grosse caisse, si je puis dire. Quoi qu'il en soit, j'adore le son ! Dites moi ce que vous en pensez, Merci !

Smells Like Teens Spirit (NIRVANA drum cover by Nikita)
цените новую установочку)

Прошу не судить сторого,так как играю неочень долго.
Hi, Joh is here for another drum cover!
This is a drum cover of Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana!
I heard the song alot of times, and i decided to cover it because the rhythm is AMAZING.

My drum kit:
5 piece kit
14x5 inch snare drum
12x10 inch high tom
13x11 inch low tom
16x16 inch floor tom
22x16 inch bass drum

Zildjian cymbals:
14" ZBT hi-hats
16" ZBT crash cymbal
18" ZBT crash cymbal
20" ZBT ride cymbal

This is a drum cover of Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana. This is most arguebly the greatest rock song ever made. Nirvana is one of my all time favourite bands, and Dave Grohl is my favourite musician. Hes mega talented, whether hes singing, playing guitar or laying down some beats. Ive been meaning to make this cover for a while now, but the beat was quite tricky to get right.
Here is Houston (now 9 yrs old) trying out some Nirvana. I had to talk him into this song because it wasn't quite hard i.e. Metal enough for him. Check out my special effects.

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Drum Cover of Smells Mathieu (10 years old) play Nirvana Smells Like Teen Spirit on roland TD12KX


Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit (Drum Cover). Add my Facebook for updates : . Equipment List :
Kit - Yamaha Birch Custom Absolute

Cymbals - 22' Zildjian a custom ping ride, 18' a custom crash, 16' a custom crash, 14' sabian xs20 hi hats , 10' a custom splash

Recording - Tascam us 1800 interface & Garageband

Microphones - 2 x Rode NT 5's (Overheads)
Shure Beta 57a (Snare Top)
Sennheiser e504 (Snare Bottom)
smells like teen spirit by nirvana on drums.. david molina 14 years old
Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana.

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03 ноября 2012 HK "TOVAR"
Hello. I broke my left arm, but I wanna drum. So I found an answer. And now I am trying to play by only one hand. So welcome.
ONE HAND drum cover by Nirvana - Smells like teen spirit
This is my second drum cover. So I hope it's not bad.
P.S.: From Russia with love)))

- TD-4KP
- Cubase
- Addictive drums

Performance Testing for MIDI System and Cubase, Addictive drums - второй кавер

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smells like teen spirit by nirvana on drums..
david molina 14 years old
Любительская съёмка!!!!
Nirvana -Smells Like Teen Spirit - маленький барабанщик Даниил Варфоломеев - 9 лет.
Little Drummer Daniel Varfolomeyev - 10 years.
Самостоятельно снятая на слух версия песни.

Барабанщик Даниил Варфоломеев - В Контакте

Официальный Канал на ЮТубе - Барабанщик Даниил Варфоломеев (Drummer Daniel Varfolomeyev) -
Drum cover на одну из легендарных песен группы Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit.

Съемка/монтаж - Ильмир Шавалиев —
Барабанщик SHAMAN - Радмир Ямалиев —

ROSTANY performing “Smells like teen spirit " by Nirvana for Belarusian TV-show "Legends. Live" on ONT channel.

Produced by Mediacube Production. (Minsk, Belarus)

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Группа ROSTANY исполнила кавер версию песни “
Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit METAL Frog Leap Studios Version - Drum Cover by Nur Amira Syahira 13 years old. Thanks for watching! SUBSCRIBE fo...

Nirvana -Smells Like Teen Spirit - маленький барабанщик Даниил Варфоломеев - 9 лет.
Little Drummer Daniel Varfolomeyev - 9 years.
Самостоятельно снятая на слух версия песни.
This is my Version of Smells Like Teen Spirit, I Hope you'll like it! I really appreciate
your comments,criticism and words of advice. Get in touch:
Keep it groovin',
Visit my Facebook page

Original drumtrack by Dave Grohl.
Performed by Franki Bio.
An Armor Fist production.

These covers are played on a Roland HD-1 drumkit, and recorded to my laptop. The video is edited with Sony Vegas. I do not own the copyright of the original release, and I don't earn any money from this. song
Маленький Китаец.. круто играет!!
drums: me,
rest: nirvana,
drumset: roland td4-k

Smells Like Teen Spirits

Спартанский драм кавер! Эта песня есть в каждом канале барабанных каверов. Чем я хуже?
Без настроенных барабанов, без микрофонов, без скила!!! ТОЛЬКО ЭКШН!!! ТОЛЬКО ХАРДКОР!!! ТОЛЬКО ГУГЛ ТРАНСЛЕЙТ!!! \m/

Spartan Drum Cover! This song is for each channel drum covers. What i am worse?
Without tuned drums, without microphones, without the ability to play!!! ONLY ACTION!!! ONLY HARDCORE!!! ONLY GOOGLE TRANSLATE!!! \m/
Thanks for watching!

iTunes - Smells Like Teen Spirit

iPad App - GarageBand

iPad Air
School group "SAMEAGE" did cover the song Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit =)
Terrible quality, sorry...
Школа барабанов «ШЕСТОЕ ЧУВСТВО».
Артём Иванов 18(лет) срок обучения 4-й месяц, это третий кавер предыдущие!
1.Skilet - Awake And Alive
2.System Of A Down - Chop Suey
Ladies and Gentlement,
Here is one song that i played
with my band so many time...
my dad at the end makes me laughed LOL!!
Лажа есть,ну и срать :)
очередной cover
Моя страничка в ВК

Милая и симпатичная девушка херачит по барабанам, прям загляденье)
The lovely and nice girl playing on drums, it is direct lovely sight)