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Night Tide

Video by Emma Louise Sainsbury

'Talk in Technicolour'

Music taken from Eluize 'Talk In Technicolour' EP
Night Tide 2016

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Introducing Talk in Technicolour, the debut release of cross-continental imprint Night Tide. Produced by label founder Eluize (Emma Sainsbury), the EP features three original tracks that showcase her unique sound. The release is rounded out by re
Ah Cama-Sotz - Night tide - released on IKON (2008) for Maschinenfest 2008 - 10the anniversary jubilee album - //
Night Tide is a 1961 thriller film, written and directed by Curtis Harrington and starring Dennis Hopper. It was filmed in 1960, premiered in 1961, but was held up from general release until 1963.

Seaman Johnny Drake (Dennis Hopper), on shore leave, finds a "Mermaid" sideshow attraction at the marina, operated by Captain Murdock (Gavin Muir). The "Mermaid" Mora (Linda Lawson) who lives in a hotel above the marina merry-go-round, and Johnny fall for each other. Everyone around them is wary of the romance, as her previous lovers have died mysteriously.

Mora believes she is a descendant of the Sirens, mythic sea creatures who lure sailors to their deaths. From time to time a mysterious and seemingly sinister woman (Marjorie Cameron) appears and frightens Mora. She believes the woman is the leader of the mermaids, calling Mora to fulfill her destiny. Mora's origins seem to be driving her to commit murder by the full moon. Johnny is unable to believe his lover is capable of murder, but Mora herself seems more ce
Título original Night Tide
Año 1961
Duración 84 min.
País Estados Unidos
Director Curtis Harrington
Guión Curtis Harrington
Música David Raksin
Fotografía Vilis Lapenieks (B&W)
Reparto Dennis Hopper, Linda Lawson, Gavin Muir, Luana Anders, Marjorie Eaton, Tom Dillon, Ben Roseman
Productora Phoenix Films
Género Terror. Intriga. Romance
En el pequeño pueblo de una isla del océano Pacífico, el joven Johnny queda prendado de una mujer de cabello negro. Ella trabaja en una feria como una "sirena". Después de algunos extraños sucesos, Johnny empieza a creer que la chica pudiera ser una sirena real, que asesina en las noches de luna llena. (FILMAFFINITY)
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Встретив в прибрежном городке темноволосую красотку Мору, Джонни узнаёт, что она играет роль русалки в местном карнавале. Впрочем вскоре происходят события, которые начинают убеждать его в том, что Мора и в самом деле может быть настоящей русалкой и при этом довольно опасной.
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Night Beds
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"Night Tides" by Hausfrau Directed and Produced by Natalie McGowan and Geneva Sills. October 2014
"The Moon card represents journey to the unknown"

"Yes, i love the sea the most of all,
but sometimes I'm afraid of it, too...
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Nathan East recording bass on "Changing Tides"
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Full Length Video
NIGHT TIDE (1984) was the first piece by Eiko Koma with full nudity. It was revived as a part of REGENERATION, the Retrospective Project program.

This video was from the June 29, 2010 performance at the American Dance Festival.

Camera by Joanna Arnow

From Ellipsis. A favourite album and track of mine. I've always wanted to share this and I gave it a shot tonight :), hope you enjoy this.
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"night tides" Video Directed and Produced by Natalie McGowan and Geneva Sills 2014 @
Director: Curtis Harrington
Writer: Curtis Harrington (screenplay)


Dennis Hopper ... Johnny Drake
Linda Lawson ... Mora
Gavin Muir ... Capt. Samuel Murdock
Luana Anders ... Ellen Sands
Marjorie Eaton ... Madame Romanovitch
Tom Dillon ... Merry-Go-Round Operator (Ellen's Grandfather)
H.E. West ... Lt. Henderson
Ben Roseman
Marjorie Cameron ... Water Witch (as Cameron)
Night tide - Marea Nocturna
Night Tide (1961) - Full Length Creature Feature, mermaid
Dennis Hopper stars in this story of a sailor on shore leave who meets a woman at a side show and begins to believe she may be a real mermaid. Watch creature features and horror movies at

NIGHT TIDE Dir. Curtis Harrington, 1961 USA, 85 min. SATURDAY, JUNE 6 – 7:30PM SUNDAY, JUNE 14 – 7:30PM FRIDAY, JUNE 19 – 10PM WEDNESDAY, JUNE 24 – 10PM Dennis Hopper’s underseen first starring role is also one of his most memorable. In Night Tide he plays Johnny Drake, a sailor on shore leave in a sleepy port town. When the locals get word of his fledgling romance with Mora, the strange young woman who works as the mermaid attraction at the marina carnival, Johnny learns that Mora’s former suito
Directed by Curtis Harrington- A Lonely sailor falls in Love with a Sideshow Mermaid who might be a descendant of the Man-Killing Sirens. Starring-Dennis Hopper - Linda Lawson and Laura Anders.
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From the sessions of Brian Culbertson's "Another Long Night Out" album (in stores Feb 2014):

Check out the drum tracking session for the song "Changing Tides" with Ricky Lawson.

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