New Blood Coming: Borne in Blood "The Second Coming" (Original song inspired by Bloodborne) NEW!, The King Is Dead - New Single "Blood" Coming Soon, Paul

New Blood Coming

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Borne in Blood:

I wasn't intending to make anymore songs inspired by Bloodborne but I just couldn't help myself. This is a brand new track, inspired partly by the new live orchestration of the Cleric Beast boss song. I probably could have done more to make it a little less repetitive but this was a lot of fun to write anyway. Just over 1 month guys! Aaaaah!

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Following the success of last years globally acclaimed third album, The Eldritch Dark, Blood Ceremony are back with a brand new single. Released and recorded to coincide their forthcoming headline European tour (with Spiders) in May, Let it Come Down further displays the uniqueness of this Toronto based band. Conviction and dedication to what they do is so evident here, whilst the songwriting is sounding more confident than ever. Backed with a cover version of Loving You, originally recorded by early 70s ob
New Blood Coming is a video of the Coupe D'Europe Junior Kitesurf 2012 France where the Spanish team Patrick Blanc, Liam Whaley, Marc Piwko, Gonzalo Alcazar, Gala Heras, David Tonijuan(Handel), Noe Font, Sergi March, Manel Arpa Belgium Jerome Cloetens(Tarifa) and many other young european riders performed new school tricks, and attitude Trained by Xevi Carrasco. New blood coming. Credits: Camera Editing By Fco Javier Ippólito
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