Netsky - I Refuse: Netsky - I Refuse (Original Mix), Netsky - I Refuse (Shock One Remix), Naruto AMV: I Refuse To Let You Go, (Netsky, I Refuse) (Dub), Tonika

Netsky - I Refuse

Замедленная съемка. Красиво!

I know, you wanna leave me...
But I refuse to let you go!

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Shock One's remix of 'I Refuse' by Netsky - From the forthcoming album '5' on Spearhead Records, hopefully hitting the shops in May. It's an album...

Songs by Netsky and is called I Refuse. Choosing a song for an AMV is haaaarrdd but im pretty happy with this song goes well with Naruto. (Listen to it with decent speaker or headphones, muuuuuch better trust me.) : ) ........

If you have any questions or would like to use the video please just ask!!! Thanks

Masashi Kishimoto© Naruto
Netsky©Hospital Records
For Entertainment Purposes Only
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