Necro/ Ron braunstein: Ron Braunstein aka Necro performing @ the Manhattan Monologue Slam #2 (movie Heat monologue), Avantegarde - Final scene - Ron Braunstein

Necro/ Ron braunstein

Ron Braunstein aka Necro did a 3 minute monologue this time from the movie Heat, the part where Pacino and Deniro sit down and talk in the diner. Ron combined both parts into one monologue. Ron did this to gain some experience as it is very different than rapping on stage for fans
In this scene, Dt. Falconetti breaks into the queer party with guns out to arrest the queers for committing murders. This movie is a weird fashion killer movie type. Dont ask. I got to abuse in my scene so I did it, Enjoy!
This was Ron Braunstein aka Necro's first directed film at Brooklyn, College. He sold 5,000 copies of this through Fat Beats distribution in '96. This movie dropped before both Master P and Jay Z movies, so for a rapper Necro was ground breaking. The reason the movie is silent is because the film class wouldnt allow sound yet until 2 full coarses were completed so it was a challenge making something decent silent - early stages

Edited by Ron Braunstein aka Necro
Ron has been acting for the last 2 years seriously paying dues by doing student films, monologue slams & his first major role in the independant horror, "The Super", playing the role of Dt. Sardusky. Ron attended the Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute where he trained with the legendary Paul Calderon. More than 10 years ago Ron directed a few short films in Brooklyn College, as well as practicing acting skills by shooting freestyle skits on a video camera. In 2011,