Neal Ford & the Fanatics: NEAL FORD AND THE FANATICS - BITTER BELLS (acetate version - diff arrangement), Neal Ford & the Fanatics radio ad Nederland, TX

Neal Ford & the Fanatics

NEAL FORD AND THE FANATICS - 'Bitter Bells'/'Don't Tie Me Down' (Tantara T-1101) 1966

This combo released many singles on various labels during 1965-69 and proved to be a popular draw in their home City of Houston, Texas. They failed to sell many records in other locations and to this day are still very much unknown although the recent Big Beat CD retrospective has reminded 60s music fand about them.

'Bitter Bells' is a minor key jangle ballad that will soothe your mind. A stereo version exists from the g
Neal Ford and the Fanatics at Nederland, TX, 7/14/66, Colosseum Club, KNUZ radio ad. Oh, and some band called Dave Clark 5 was there, too.
Single : Mary Wanna Marry Me / The Jones'

Written-By – Don Gant, Mickey Newbury
Executive-Producer – Richard Ames
Producer – Don Gant
This series will feature some of my favorite songs from the listed types. Film of these bands are rare, so I've added pics and applicable video when possible (like light-show stuff for the psychedelic bands, etc.).<br/><br/>