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Natasha Marsh

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Natasha Marsh - Ai Giochi Addio
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Вариант исполнения потрясающей песни, написанной Эльзой Моранте на музыку Нино Рота. Песня написана специально для фильма Франко Дзеффирелли "Ромео и Джульета"
Natasha Marsh - Ai Giochi Addio
Natasha Marsh's Italian version of "A Time for Us" / "What is a youth?" (Ai Giochi Addio means kind of Goodbye to the Games in Italian), music by fantastic Nino Rota, originally it is the music theme of Romeo Juliet. just listen to it, relax and enjoy...
Перевод не могу найти песни...А музыка из фильма Список Шиндлера.
champs fleuris sous le pur d'une intense voix

Theme from Schindlers List'-SD
Music - John Williams; lyrics - Malcolm Green; film directed by Malcolm Green
Le plus beau des souvenire, la plus belle des histoire, cette musique c'est mon histoire.
Une rencontre sur le port de Nice, une affinité sur l'ile Corse, et une separation dans un champ d'étoile.
C'etait les lumières de Nice au loin que l'eau refletait, et doner l'impression d'un constellation. et cette musique raissoner.
Car c'est cette perssone si particulière qui me la fait découvrire.
Paul and Natasha singing "Brindisi" from Verdi's La Traviata, at Glasgow's Clyde Auditorium. Follow Paul on Paul's official website is
Welsh operatic soprano Natasha Marsh's gorgeous recording of the aria "Les Filles De Cadix" from the album "Amour."
Natasha Marsh - Ai Giochi Addio
Music video by Natasha Marsh performing Ai Giochi Addio.

Video montage of her recent tour with Il Divo.
Natasha Marsh - Il Divo Tour montage featuring songs included on her album, Amour

Here is the only duet on the Natasha Marsh debut album. This is a love duet from the last act of Monteverdi's opera "L'incoronazione di Poppea". It features Natasha Marsh in the role of Poppea and the spanish countertenor Fernando Lima in the role of Neronne. Enjoy!
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Broadcast Songs of Praise Easter 23 March 2008
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Instrumental backing track available for schools to download on iTunes

A message from Lin Marsh...

Believe is a song for dreamers of any age. A song for all those who have hopes to strive for and goals to achieve. It reminds us that no desire, however, huge, is beyond those who believe in themselves.
Believe in yourself and pass on this love of life. My daughter, Natasha, and grandchildren are doing that in this beauti
This is one of my favorite songs of Natasha. She's a britannian soprano. This song is in her debut album "Amour" released on February 2007. This June 2008 comes her new album self-titled "Natasha Marsh". Enjoy it