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The British Group With An American Name.Brilliant Innovative Version Can You Hear Future Classic Rock In Here? What A Marvelous Record.These Guys Are Like 18 To 19 What A Bad Record For Some Teens.You Guys Made A Materpiece
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Stormi Henly sings ''Father Can You Hear Me'' by Tyler Perry

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Arthur Sharp began his career in music as the manager of Aerco Records in Woking, Surrey. The group's line-up eventually comprised singers Sharp and Ray Phillips, with former Cruisers Rock Combo members John Hawken (piano), Mick Dunford (guitar), Pete Harris (bass) and Dave Maine (drums). Additional guitarist Pete Shannon completed the band. Roger Groome replaced Maine shortly afterwards but was in turn replaced by Barry Jenkins in 1963, in which year a third vocalist, Terry Crowe, joined briefly and Dunford left, to be replaced by John Allen. (Crowe and Dunford later formed 'The Plebs' with Danny McCulloch and were re-united with Hawken in Renaissance in 1970).

While playing in Hamburg (as several British bands of the era did) the Teens backed Jerry Lee Lewis for

Dylan and Peyton teamed up to be our show opener. They did this interview together with Morgan.

Austin talks with our Griffin Saunders about life and music.

The Nashville Teens - Tobacco Road (1965)

Hey guys! here is some footage of my performance at Teen Hoot Feb 9th in Nashville! I had so much fun meeting so many fans and other artists. it was a great experience and I will never forget the memories I've made.
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Here is the video from Nashville Hootenanny / Teen Hoot - 29th October 2011. ALYSSA WAS PERFORMING and she was AMAZING ♥

Bad quality, I know. I filmed it from Livestream so that's why it isn't good. Sorry about that. By the way, You can watch the whole show here:
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Megan and Liz came to the Teen Hoot to see Payton Rae perform. We were thrilled when they said they would get up and sing a couple songs.

Morgan Interviews Payton Rae after her performance at the June 2011 Teen Hoot
Payton Rae performs her song "SideLine" at the Teen Hoot.
Musical number from Lance Comfort's pop-filled British teen movie BE MY GUEST (1965), starring David Hemmings, Andrea Monet, John Pike, Steve Marriott (of The Small Faces), Diana King, Avril Angers, Jerry Lee Lewis, John Carpenter, John Hinds, John Peeby, Joyce Blair, David Healy, The Plebs, The Nashiville Teens, and Kenny and the Wranglers (Ken Bernard)
Thanks for watching! Yes, I know at some parts it mildly glitches (I used a software to rip it off the teen hoot website). It was very tiring but fun. Thanks to whoever came, I love you. (Currently down)
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The Nashville Teens - Google Eyes (1965)

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