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Nas - Surviving The Times

Music video by Nas performing Surviving The Times. (C) 2007 SONY BMG MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT
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Nas - Surviving The Times
всем плотный хип хап, пасаны
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New track by Nas, off of the upcoming Greatest Hits album. This is the last song before I get back to making videos, don't think I'm out of this already. Music and pictures belong to Nasir Jones, Def Jam, etc.

I was young, I was surviving the times
Waiting for my moment, I was destined to shine
Little Ray had an NSX, I was hoping I'm next
Wanting bracelets, never had a rope on my neck
Unless I was holding Taiyeh chain-Rest In Peace
Even though that night you flipped on us
You warned us If you came back and we still on the corners,
We goners, moving on to...
Move your arm in your watch To another time on the block
'Cause this 40 Side Where they say Shorty rhyme
Tragedy he used to come through all the time
I'm talking Juice Crew, not what the word define
He had a sister named Erin, for sure was fine
That was my first crush; I bought my first mic
I wrote my first verse, I was about nine
I was about mine, fantasize house-buying
Met Paul, he wore some big glasses
Him and Melquan took me where G Rap lived
I was happy, just getting some answers
I ain't even know what a record advance was
I'm seeing hoes sex in the studio bathroo
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