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Noise Invaders - Time EP
Release Date: 30th-05-2011 (Vinyl Beatport)
13th-06-2011 all other DMS

A1. Time
A2. Time (Radio Edit)
B1. Time (Proxy Remix)
B2. Time (Watt Walsh Paul Gala Remix)

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Time EP is a debut release from the mysterious Noise Invaders, who have been only seen in public wearing silver masks, Men in Black type suits, and dark sunglasses. The guys make 70's and 80's influenced neon dance floor sounds, which show up on the less aggressive and more sexy side of what Mako has to offer.
They've already appeared on Turbo, Coco Machete and Mako with their remixes on Chromeo, Polymorphic, Aerotronic and The W.
The title track Time is a catchy vocoder retro-styled summer anthem, destined to rock the dance floors from sweaty mega night clubs to laid-back beach bars.
Proxy puts his trademark style on the
Franco-russian collaboration: DILEMN's remix of "Time" by Noise Invaders !
Makorecords vs Boxon Records

OUT on Boxon Records : July 11th, 2011

Including also remixes by : COSTELLO, KIGMA, D.VICE

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