NAS (feat. The Game): NaS - Hustlers (feat. The Game & Marsha Ambrosius) (2006), Nas feat. The Game - Hustlers, Nas feat. The Game, Nas - Hustlers [feat

NAS (feat. The Game)

★ East Coast Hip-Hop:
Nas feat. The Game - Hustlers Official Video
The Game feat. Nas - Hustler BlackWallStreet

Nas' song from his solo album "Hip-hop Is Dead", featuring with The Game and Marsha Of Floetry

back to the roots of the hip hop
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Nas feat. Chris Brown The Game - Make The World Go Round NEXT FM 105.2[Official Group]
Make The World Go Round Lyrics

Lace the nations don't have it
A hatred addict
I need faces mad with frowns
When I'm around
Or I'm wasting the fabric
I don't feel greater
To my plush pieces
'Cause you to suck your teeth
So mean-mugging on my clean-thugging
Mean nothing
Women dream I'm your husband
I'm Alex Pushkin
The black poetry-writing Russian
Ice disgusting
I started bling
How could you question my direction
Or my time for collection
Gangstas two-steppin'
You hate me
Should thank me
But lately
I burned so much trees
I keep environmentalists angry
I'm a rare dude, I'm a wonder
Your best success is my worst blunder
Y'all living trendy on pennies
I cop plenty Fendi
Vivienne Westwood, I'm good
Get the whole Trump Tower top floor for the hood
Dre & Cool, we riding heavy
NY to Miami 'Cause . . .
(We make the world go round)
Now let's toast to the hustlers
(We make the world go round)
Tell the hustlers, toast to the gangstas.
(We make the world go round)
Tell the gangstas, toast to the ballers
(We make the world go round)
And tell the ballers pour glass for all us.
(We make the world go round)
I see THE haters on the floor jockin my swag
I'm popping Ralph Lauren tags
I'm pouring champagne inside a polo glass
Model b'tches rollin grass
Escabon folding cash
toasting wit my entourage
went for Robin Armitage
to all my stars
red carpet to the Larmitage
We throwin red dice
at the Mirage
I pull that red Lamborghini
or twenties out my garage
instead of shopping South Beach like Khaled and Terror Squad
We the Best! big pippin
Top down chrome spinnin
Top Gun Tom Cruise
Tucked inside my Gucci linen
Jess Romo you tryin' a shine
up on with the nine
on your jersey for promo
Jessica Simpson that's so-so
Nick want his baby back
but thats lo so.
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Nas feat. Chris Brown and The Game - Make The World Go Round
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Nas feat. The Game with Hustlers from the Hip Hop Is Dead Album, Produced by Dr. Dre
My Victory Feat Nas Young Buck The Game **NEW 2011**
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