My flat: Ryan Lay on Instagram: “Blue flat bar pt. 1. Major shoutout to my guys at @theduckbrand for making this all possible. 📼 @ericlesar and @kellyhart”,

My flat

“Blue flat bar pt. 1. Major shoutout to my guys at @theduckbrand for making this all possible. 📼 @ericlesar and @kellyhart”
“Fun session for .Today was rainy day, but still able to ride on the new Flat-Rail of my homie @just_another_moron Thanks for 🎥! #blade4life…”
“My @fiendbmx V2 frame is now available at finer shops worldwide in Flat Black and Flat Navy Blue. #FiendBMX #Fiending #BMX”
Всем хорошей музыки. I wish you good music. Mr Oizo - Flat Beat #MyVinylCollection #ZlonoVinyl #Vinyl #MrOizo #FlatBeat #TurnTable
made with Garry's mod
Download here:
Funny Cat behind the tree in my flat.
Muzzle cat closeup.

I've been wearing my cute, red ballet flats all day in the heat and my feet are so sweaty. They are so well worn and I think you should buy me a new pair. But first I want to have some fun.

I take them off, one at a time, and hold them over your nose so you can smell them. They've been on my pretty bare feet all day and they're actually moist with sweat inside. I get you to lick all the sweat from inside them, so you can taste how salty and sweaty they are.


I just got back from college and it so hot outside. I've been wearing my cute, red ballet flats all day and my feet are kinda sweaty. I tease you by slowly popping my heels out of my flats one at a time before letting my shoe dangle from the tips of my toes.

Feels so great for my feet to finally breath. I dangle both shoes - teasing you, before letting them fall to the floor. I stretch my pretty bare feet out towards you.

9 Sundown audio zv4 12s w/ spl parts & custom coils , progressive spiders
21 XS power d1400s
Singer 320 and 270

First night in my flat and update: I'm sleeping where?!?!? #adventureswithAmber I'm actually really comfortable lol
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Awesome crushes and stunts compilation.
Game: Flat Out
Music: Stellar
Compilation: Uxus
watch and listen more:
Watch me dangle my black flats, slip out of them, and tease you with my toes ;) these flats for sale at --- follow me on instagram @tankstattooedfeet

My Secret Heart is a new commission by Streetwise Opera of a music and film installation written by electronic composer and Warp artist Mira Calix, video artists Flat-e and sound designer Dave Sheppard. The new piece is inspired by the Allegri's 17th-century choral work Miserere Mei, a piece so protected by the Vatican that they put an embargo on it.

This film shows the installation during Nottingham's Light Night Festival in February 2009.
Видео ролик моего производства 2009 года
Выступление трибьют-группы на Битлз-фэсте в Витебске
Flat Duo Jets playing When My Baby Passes By live in 1988.
Glenn Bland cover.

I thought it was time to introduce you to my flat mates...
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Mini Movie о том как я живу...
Вот так теперь я живу...
Отчет о моих прыжках дома :)
Hello Everyone ♡
These are the workouts I do to help keep my body toned for this summer! I workout about 3 times a week for up to 45 mins. I hope you guys find this video helpful and just a quick disclaimer, I'm not an expert and this is what personally works for me!

Code: MariaBethany10

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Flat Rock subjects covered: Moon and stars. Earth Photos. Professors. Exact curve. Earth spin. Critics debunked. Geocentrism. Heliocentrism. Flat Earth. Concave Earth. Hollow earth.

Part 2 Here:

Flat Rock part 3 here:

Flat Rock Part 4:

Flat Rock part 5:

Music by TheLateralVision. Permission given link to their chann
WATCH NEXT - The Best Family Day

Hello everyone, here is a little vlog from my new flat in London I hope you enjoy it and if you do please give it a thumbs up :)
New music coming real soon

Recipe for Carne Del Hobsy

One chopped onion & 2 chopped garlic cloves
Beef Strips (a healthy amount)
Some marjoram
Some paprika
Some cumin
Some chilli powder
A bit of fennel delicately sprinkled on
Some tomato puree
Some baked beans (secret ingredient)
Some beef stock in some boiling w
Mol-strit #5
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This is a tour of the amazing flat I am staying in with my friend Brinker (I owe her soooo much for hooking us up with this great place to live). FYI: I made this mostly for my family, so I do say I love you at the end.<br/><br/>
Видео ролик моего производства 2009 года
it`s so big.. :D
• Excuse me! Can you give me a hand?
• Yes. What’s the matter?
• My scooter has a flat tyre.
• Hmm, is it flat or did you puncture it?
• I am not sure. I think it has a puncture.
• Would you like me to help you change it?
• That would be nice. I’ve never changed a flat tyre before.
• I’ll show you how to do it.
• Thanks.
• And if it ever happens again, you can do it yourself.
• Thanks so much! You are very kind.
• It’s my pleasure. Do you have a spare tyre?
• I don’t have one.
• Oh, sorry! I can’t help you then.
Taster Film - a 1 minute 30 edit of the full 48-minute version.
Тизер к 48-ми минутному версии, замечательное произведение, которое демонстрируется на цилиндрическом экране, тут фотографии под звуки Streetwise Opera.
How to get a flat stomach. how to get rid of love handles. common questions I get about flat stomach.

I know what its like to struggle with a bloated belly. I've lost 40lbs and a heck of a lot of blubber off my belly. Follow my tips and lose the jiggle.
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What's up World!!!??

Hope all is under control guys. I have decided to start vlogging about my life in Moscow. You are going to find a lot of interesting Do's and Don't's in Moscow. So please subscribe and comment. To start off, I am going to show you guys my flat in Moscow. Hope you enjoy it. Please leave your ideas or places you would like to see in Moscow City. Thanks for watching it.

Bernard Zweers (born Bernardus Josephus Wilhelmus Zweers) (Amsterdam, May 18, 1854 - Amsterdam, December 9, 1924) was a Dutch composer and music teacher.

Work: Symphony No.3 in B-flat major "To my Fatherland" (1889)

Mov.I: In neerlands wouden
Mov.II: Scherzo: Op het land
Mov.III: Aan het strand en op zee
Mov.IV: Ter hoofdstad
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Karaoke version of "My Melancholy Baby" in B flat.

Music by Ernie Burnett (1911). Words by George A. Norton (1912).

Piano playback by "Perfessor" Bill Edwards
(MIDI file from
used with Bill Edwards' kind permission.)

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версия этой же песни в живом исполнении на голос
Continuation of this series ...

0:12-0:33 - Beverly Sills' rapid-fire E-flat in Les Oiseaux dans la Charmille (Offenbach: Les Contes d'Hoffman).
0:34-1:00 - Ingeborg Hallstein's crystalline E-flat from Il Bacio (Arditi).
1:01-1:19 - Joan Sutherland's very lyrical and bell-like E-flat from the Invocation Scene (Ah Roland!) (Massenet: Esclarmonde).
1:20-1:53 - Beverly Sills floated E-flat from Eccomi in liete vesta ... Oh! Quante volte (Bellini: I Capuleti e i Montecchi).
David Ligare is an American contemporary realist painter. Contemporary Realism is an approach that uses straightforward representation but is different than photorealism in that it does not exaggerate and is non-ironic in nature.Since 1978, he has focused on painting still lifes, landscapes, and figures that are influenced by Greco-Roman antiquity. Chief among his stated influences are the aesthetic and philosophical theories of the Greek sculptor Polykleitos and the mathematician and philosopher Pythagoras
Это произведение группы перформансистов, Мира Каликса(Mira Calix), видео художника Flat-e, композитора Дейва Шеппарада (Dave Sheppard) и разработчика программного обеспечения Мемо Актена (Memo Akten).

Видео гигантского формата...

Небольшой эдит от четких чехов.

Самая информативная группа о скейтбординге:


Мои услуги
My First Video Vlog Topics Getting to know Ronnie and flat earth Simulation Nation Realization

A vid...
That was amazing time in spring Ruka, May 2013. I did a huge personal progress. Thanks to all my friends and supporters. Of course this is not a pure flat 540, but this is what it can be based on.
Видео ролик моего производства 2009 года
Blog post:

David Hobby's Insights on Building a Photography Business course::

Flat LEDs:

A five year old balloon launch specifically designed to capture the "sunset" at extremely high altitudes ... TRUTH 24 MILES UP
Вообщем ничего глубокого. Просто взял камеру и прошелся по своим любимым уголкам в квартире) вспомнил как в детстве лазал по полу :D

теги: магия магический фолк старинное поверье загадка квартира доброта добро путешествие таится таинство родные уголки дома

музыка: Roger Calverley - Dreamweaver
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Этот парень, на своём ютюб канале "My perspectif" делает и выкладывает ролики, где довольно интересно рассказывает о различных взглядах на окружающий нас мир
This is to acompany my 2 Mission Speakers, I would say it was a touch overboard on the Low End but i'll let you decide.


Digital Back - My opinion@FLAT.FM →
Normally I made very detailed descriptions on my videos, because I think my fans deserve that. But with this one, it will be different... I just wa...
Amateur balloon footage showing straight line reflections for hundreds of kilometers ... how on a globe? music: audiomachine - When It All Falls...
A giant Snouted Cobra is on the loose in our block of flats. The snake handler tried to remove the 2.5m long snake from a toilet, but it got agitat...
This is a short video of me dangling a pair of black patent leather ballet shoes. I've shot of the video with a view under the sole, so that all you useless worms can dream about licking them clean.

Ранок почався з чашки кави...Але сонце не давало мені спокою.Гріло так приємно та світило в оці.Ось я ирішиш зняти пару кадрів сонця у різний спосіб....
My virtual flat made as mini game with 3d person controller. I just wanted to recreate my real flat.
As the title says, that's my first 360 briflip flat. Sketchy as hell, done in my room cause it's winter outside, but whatever. This also may be the first one ever on camera, but I am not sure so I won't boast about that =)
He's made the jump from the WWE to the UFC. CM Punk joins Jay Onrait on FOX Sports Live to talk about his approach to the Octagon, his training strategy and earning respect.
надеюсь что вы знаете пони флатубицу сестру флатершай она очень любит огонь и поэтому она решила спеть песню про огонь
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** Britains Got Talent 2010 WEEK 1 **

** Britains Got MORE Talent 2010 WEEK 1 **

** Britains Got Talent 2010 WEEK 2 **

** Britains Got MORE Talent 2010 WEEK 2 **

** Britains Got Talent 2010 WEEK 3 **

** Britains Got MORE
new clip with these well worn zebra Zara flats

black fishnet in and out my smelly sweaty black favorite flats

barefeet in my sweaty pink flats for shoeplay and dangling

Экскурс для любопытных друзей!
01 августа 2013 мне выделили квартиру в г.Заозерск Мурманской области по адресу пер.Гранитный дом 8 кв 32.
Когда-то в квртире сверху прорвало трубу с горячей водой и весь подъезд и нижележащие квартиры затопило кипятком. Сгорела электропроводка, осыпалась штукатурка, отслоились обои.
В службе заказчика (наймодатель) квартира считается пригодной для проживания. Они предложили мне взять у них 12 000 рублей и отремонтировать квартиру на эти деньги. Я отказался.

LeATHERMOUTH-My Love Note As Gone Flat Bamboozle Left
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