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My Woshin Mashin

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My Woshin Mashin - "Easy Rider" Tame Corbie Records - A BlankTV Feature!

Artist city, country: Tver, Russia
увидено в группе [club208344|Психоделические Мультики]

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My Woshin Mashin - Heart. This track is taken from the album "Paradise (Original Fictional Movie Soundtrack)". "Paradise" is a special music release from MWM - a Monument to love, God and our friend Vasiliy who left us this summer.

From the "To My Friends" album. Grab your CD or Digital copy here
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Crab (He came in peace)

The night - Doors are closed
Monster is here - Searching for the meat
Looking for the blood - Hunger is too strong
He can't wait too long - He must go and eat



He's a lonely giant crab from planet Mars
He came in peace
Feed him with your head
And everything you've got

увидено в группе Психоделические Мультики
He came in peace to make friendship.
My Woshin Mashin - "Heart"
Artist city, country: Russia/Germany

This song is taken from the "Paradise" OST
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увидено в группе Психоделические Мультики
This song was written by My Woshin Mashin and it's can be found here We made this video using paper, cardboard, pastel, canon 550d, body paint and sony vegas. Director, paintings, drawings, cut, edit: Bibi Tulin. (c) My Woshin Mashin / Berlin 2012
увидено в группе [club208344|Психоделические Мультики]
увидено в группе Психоделические Мультики
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Perfomed, recorded, mixed and mastered by My Woshin Mashin at the Wendenschloss studio / Berlin, Germany

Original music by Martin L. Gore. Lyrics by Super-Hugo Bibi Tulin (with a little help of Martin L. gore =)).

We don't like original lyrics of the "John the Revelator". That's why we decided to make our vision of this wunderbar song. So here we go. This song is about mutant spider. His name is J
MY WOSHIN MASHIN перед выходом дебютного альбома - выступили в Московском клубе 16 тонн

CAST: Dje-dje, Krikilo, Dr.Schlangus, Malevich, Palich, Kabanyula, Valentina, Ninna Haggen, Vareshkin, Godzilla and Godzilla, Boris, Billy Bass, Vasilisk, Ootina Turner, Bobo, Zeze, Omar Shariff, green creatures, Cherchil.

Filmed, cut and edit in Super-Garage Studio by Hugo and Bibi. 2012. Berlin, Moscow.
Taken from MWM e.p. "We Came in Peace"
Видео приглашение от участников My Woshin Mashin на Первый концерт в России!
22 мая (вторник) Клуб 16 Тонн

Band: My Woshin Mashin
Song: Zombie Boogie
From: Mawama
Drawings animation by Bibi Tulin

Cover version of Vopli Vidoplyasova song.
free e.p.

written perfomed by my woshin mashin. berlin 2011.

CyberFront festival
MY WOSHIN MASHIN перед выходом дебютного альбома - выступили в Московском клубе 16 тонн

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Look carefully - there are some hidden pictures in this video. Found it? Tell us what it is and get your special album-download-link.
This is a support-video for our first LP "Mawama" which will be released on 22.05.2012 on

Hat-Trick consist of:
01. Mawama
02. MWM Tango
03. Soon I Will Be Done

Bibi Tulin, Hugo Simons, General Scherman, Daan Bastar, Romano Usochini

(c) My Woshin Mashin. Berlin. 2012

Композиция и видео ролик написан немецким проектом My Woshin Mashin специально в память о человеке по имени Peter Falk, который сыграл роль знаменитого Коломбо.
Звучит композиция "Whale" моей группы My Woshin Mashin
Видео снято в период Июль-Август 2014 во время попыток снять очередное трэш-кино.
Группа "Меня зовут Коломбо"