Muzzy In Gondoland - Lesson 2: Muzzy In Gondoland Lesson 2, Muzzy in Gondoland lesson-2, Muzzy in Gondoland: Lesson 2, Muzzy In Gondoland (Lesson 2), Muzzy In

Muzzy In Gondoland - Lesson 2

Немного ностальгии. Второй урок из Гондоландии с оригинальной, британской (НЕ АМЕРИКАНСКОЙ) озвучкой, с которой мы росли в 80х)
Muzzy In Gondoland
Muzzy in Gondoland is an animated film first created in 1986 as a way of teaching English as a second language. For little kids and for everyone who wants to start learning English. Meet the hairy, friendly, clock-eater space monster and his friends!

Bob gets arrested and meets Muzzy in prison. They tell each other about themselves and their stories - how they got arrested.

Muzzy In Gondoland, english for kids,english for children,английский
Второй урок английского))
Muzzy in Gondoland. Lesson 2