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Muse - Hyper Music

My edit of Muse performing Hyper Music at Reading Festival 2011.
Audience footage mixed with 360 vids.

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This is a cover of Hyper Music by Muse.Awesome song :) There are some mistakes but I hope you'll like it:)
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La - Route Du Rock - St. Malo, Brittany, France 2001/08/11
Трэш и угар!!!!
special for Анна Николаевна:)
Твои золотые небеса поливают мою полосу
В этой забытой космической гонке
Под моим управлением

Кто возвращается с того света?
А кто там остаётся?

Ты знаешь, я не хочу тебя
И никогда не хотел
Я не хочу тебя
И никогда не захочу

Ты хотела гораздо большего, чем я стою
И ты думала, я испугался
И тебе нужно было проверить

А кому теперь какое дело?
Кто теперь останется

Ты знаешь, я не хочу тебя
И никогда не хотел
Я не хочу тебя
И никогда не захочу
Muse playing Hyper Music on Muse's live television broadcast of two songs on BBC show Live Later... With Jools Holland in 2001..


01 - Hyper Music
02 - Feeling Good

My amp settings:

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Got a new....device? It's the FBV Shortboard to control Line 6 amps. This gives me a lot of flexibility with song presets and whatnot, so all my tones have been revamped.

Anyways, fun song to cover, really not much else to say. Learned it tonight, and was craving to put up a cover, so sorry for the mistakes haha.

Amp: Line 6 Spider
Ещё одна классная и крутая песня)))
Хочу бути замість мікрофону...
Темп жизни...
Tokyo Zeep 2013-08-13

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крутые музыканты
крутая музыка
Твой любимый клип_))
Muse была семь раз номинирована в Brit Awards, став два раза победителем; оба раза в категории «Best Live Act», в 2005 и снова в 2007. Группа также четыре раза побеждала в MTV Europe Music Awards, в номинациях «Best Alternative Act» в 2004 и 2006 и «Best UK & Irish Act» в 2004 и 2007. Альбом «Black Holes & Revelations» победил в номинации «Best British Album» на Brit Awards и был признан лучшим альбомом MTV Europe Music Awards и NME Awards. NME Awards награждали группу в номинациях «Best Live Band» в 2005, 2008 и 2009 годах; «Best British Band» в 2007 и в «Best New Band» в 2000 году. Q Awards также награждали музыкантов как выдающихся живых исполнителей; группа победила в номинации «Best Live Act» в 2003, 2004, и 2006, а в 2009 триумфально взяла вверх в номинации «Best Act in the World Today». В целом, Muse получили 24 награды из 60 номинаций за свою историю.
А Крис в олимпийке с надписью СССР.
Символично, однако)
Muse playing Hyper Music at Later... With Jools Holland (England) on November 6th 2001.


01 - Feeling Good
02 - Hyper Music

Amp - Behringer BXL 450
Mic - Audix D6

EHX Russian Big Muff Pi
Reading was another amazing gig. Second and last time Origin of Symmetry was played in full and in order.

Fun facts:

* Matt played the intro to New Born himself for the second time since 2009.
* Space Dementia was played for the second and (quite possibly) the last time since 2008.
* Hyper Music was played for the second and (quite possibly) the last time since 2003.
* Micro Cuts was played for the second and (quite possibly) the last time since 2007.
* Screenager was played for the second and (quite possibly) the last time since 2002.
* Dark Shines was played for the second and (quite possibly) the last time since 2001.
* Megalomania was played again for the second second and (quite possibly) the last time since the Russian/Ukrainian gigs earlier this year.
* Chris sang the Hyper Music chorus himself.
* This was the second time out of two that Origin was played in full AND in order.


What's He Building (intro)
1. New Born
2. Bliss (Exten
Sick bassline from Chris Wolstenholme of Muse
muse live werchter 2001-07-01

Muse playing an energetic version of Hyper Music at the Montreal Jazz Festival 2002

Muse playing Hyper Music from their 10th Anniversary Origin of Symmetry set at the Leeds Festival 2011. Sorry that it goes black right at the end. Someone wanted to get out over the barrier right behind me. Poor timing! Still you can at least hear it til the end.

This is an early version of Hyper Music (probably before Origin of Symmetry was released). Some crazy screams by Matt.
© 2009 WMG
Hyper Music<br/><br/>
I'll play Death Blooms soon but I'll play some Muse covers first. : )


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Eurockeennes 2002
2001, Album "Origin of Symmetry"
Мой вариант игры этой песни на обычной шестиструнке.
Muse performing Hyper Music at Rock Am Ring in Germany on May 18th 2002.

Setlist :

01 - Space Dementia
02 - Hysteria
03 - New Born
04 - Micro Cuts
05 - Dead Star
06 - Citizen Erased
07 - Sunburn
08 - Feeling Good
09 - In Your World
10 - Hyper Music
11 - Muscle Museum
12 - Plug In Baby
13 - Bliss

You can find the videos of all these peformances here on my channel :

Muse - Hyper Music @ Later with Jools Holland, 12-11-2001.

Hyper Music [Le Zénith, Paris]

Live at Le Zénith, Paris
Recorded: 2001
Producer: Thomas Kirk
Publisher: Taste Media, Mushroom
Muse performing Hyper Music at the Leeds University in England on May 26th 2001.

The following songs were broadcast :

01 - Micro Cuts
02 - Unintended
03 - Uno
04 - Muscle Museum
05 - New Born
06 - Feeling Good
07 - Piano interlude + Sunburn
08 - Hyper Music
09 - Plug in Baby
10 - Screenager
11 - Bliss

Hyper Music - Muse Montreux Jazz Festival 02.07.16

Just thought i would cover another song. Its been while since i last recorded and as old as my amp is im still having alot of trouble getting the right sound i want out of it while i record. Enjoy this if you can
Im open to ANY recording ideas

***Song:Hyper Music BY: muse***

warner_music, Muse - Hyper Music,
@Zepp DiverCity
Another go at hyper music. Love the bassline in this song. Thought i'd redo it.

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Great performance of Hyper Music from the 'Later... with Jools Holland' show on BBC1 in 2001. They also performed Feeling Good.
настоящие мьюзы.

They played this song because someone up front had a sign, it was not on the setlist. Video has the full song, starting with Matt saying they would play it and tuning his guitar. I even got the Dead Star chant at the end and Matt's response ;)

I can't even.
Music by Muse from the Hullabaloo soundtrack. Fan vid to go with it
Hullabaloo Soundtrack
Track 10
Hyper Chondriac Music

With lyrics.

Official Video HD
Первое выступление Pipl Plant. Концерт проходил в детском доме.

Вот это настоящий драйв!
Muse playing Hyper Music at Route du Rock (France) on 11th August 2001.


01 - Micro Cuts
02 - New Born
03 - Uno
04 - Showbiz
05 - Feeling Good
06 - Hyper Music
07 - Screenager
08 - Citizen Erased
09 - Sunburn
10 - Cave
11 - Fillip
12 - Plug In Baby
13 - Muscle Museum
14 - Bliss
Muse performing live at Reading, UK, 2011. FullHD video. Origin of Symmetry.
Моё исполнение композиции Hyper Music. Здесь много ошибок, и это не лучшее моё видео, но думаю, что получилось отлично. (Уилл)
Here's a guitar lesson on how to play Hyper Music by Muse. I'm playing a Godin LGX SA, a Fender Blues Deluxe amp, and a Fulltone Distortion Pro dis...

A much slower version of Muse - Hyper Music, definitely a more calm and lovely tune.

After 14 years, Muse Carmen back to Switzerland and gave an amazing show at Mountreux Jazz Festival (02/07/16)
I have returned with yet another Muse video. This video should have been released a long time ago but it was delayed due to some computer problems. I'm already working on another video (it won't be from Muse - sorry Muse fans) that should be finished in the near future. Thanks for watching and a big thank you to my subscribers - free cookies for you :)

Muse - Hyper Music @ Reading Festival 28th August 2011 HD

Крис жгёт)
Muse playing Hyper Music off their second album Origin of Symmetry at Pinkpop festival 2002.<br/><br/>
Muse playing Hyper Music at Pinkpop (Netherlands) on May 20th 2002.


01 - Space Dementia (cut to video editing)
02 - Hysteria (cut to video editing)
03 - New Born
04 - Micro Cuts (cut to video editing)
05 - Dead Star (cut to video editing)
06 - Citizen Erased (cut to video editing)
07 - In Your World (cut to video editing)
08 - Feeling Good
09 - Riff + Hyper Music
10 - Muscle Museum (cut to video editing)
11 - Plug In Baby (cut to video editing)
12 - Bl
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Here is my cover of Muse's "Hyper Chrondriac Music" It's another live cover. Friggen love this song. I also would like to do a Hyper Music cover one day. Hyper Music is probably in my top 5 Muse songs.
Zénith Live 28 October 2001

Your golden lies feed my role
In this forgotten space race under my control
Who's returned from the dead?
Who remains? (just to spit it in your face)

You know that I don't want you and I never did
I don't want you and I never will

масенькие хулюганют)))

Muse образца 2001 - мои любимые Muse)))
наткнулся на клип hyper music тут, но мне кажется что версия 1999 года немного по живее))
Muse performing Hyper Music at the Route du Rock festival in France on August 11th 2001.

Setlist :

01 - Micro Cuts
02 - New Born
03 - Uno
04 - Showbiz
05 - Feeling Good
06 - Hyper Music
07 - Screenager
08 - Citizen Erased
09 - Ocean Étude Op. 25, No. 12 + Sunburn + riff
10 - Jimmy Jam + Riff RATM + Cave + Riff Vuilstamen
11 - Fillip
12 - Plug in Baby
13 - Muscle Museum
14 - Bliss

You can find the videos of all these performances here on my channel :
видео -
исполнитель -

еще ссылки:

Muse performing Hyper Music at the Eurockeennes of Belfort in France on July 7th 2002.

Setlist :

01 - Space Dementia
02 - The Small Print
03 - New Born
04 - Micro Cuts
05 - Dead Star
06 - Citizen Erased
07 - Apocalypse Please
08 - Sunburn
09 - Fury
10 - Prelude in G minor + Butterflies Hurricanes (Solo) + Screenager + Prelude in B flat
11 - Feeling Good
12 - Hyper Music + Stockholm Syndrome (instrumental)
13 - Muscle Museum
14 - Plug In Baby
15 - Bliss (extended)

30.03.2012 | Muse Cover Party

Muse - Hyper Music is the copyrighted property of it's owner(s).
Muse - 7.Hyper Music & Yes Please riff (Live in Seoul, Korea 2013.8.17)

현대카드(Hyundai Card) 슈퍼콘서트(Super Concert) 19 : CITYBREAK (시티브레이크) 페스티벌(Festival)

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Recorded on March 15th, 2015 at the Ulster Hall, Belfast
Includes Micro Cuts outro for previous track Stockholm Syndrome and Voodoo Child intro

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вечер 2 июня 2011 гриль бар "ТАСС"
Just like title says, BellDom, Matt and Dom banging out to Hyper Music :) sorry for shit quality, hope a DVD will come soon. Pictures from concert here: (also the football match with Chris on that link)
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< Она мою душу наизнанку выворачивает.
My cover of the song Hyper Chondriac Music by Muse from the album Hullabaloo Soundtrack [Bonus CD] Disc 1.

One of many Muse songs I can safely say I'm in love with. There's just something about it that's just....I can't really explain it. It's just so good.

Hope you enjoy!

The more chilled out brother of hyper music found on their 2002 album hullabalo, one of their best b sides, and all in all a great song.
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10TH Anniversary - Origin Of Symmetry - Series - PART 6

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