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Muse - Bliss

невероятная музыка, потрясающая до глубины души..
обожаю этих парней <3
Muse - Bliss (Bridge TV)
Альбом: Origin of Symmetry
Свободное падение.
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The Making Of Bliss
Очень крутое олдскульное исполнение Bliss, где Мэтт путает куплеты.
My setup:

Yamaha TRB1005 (5 strings)

Korg AX3000B bass guitar processor

Realtone USB guitar adapter

Reaper x64 recording program

Guitar Rig 5
Multicam Bliss no Centre Bell, a 20/01/2016!

Gilles Gagné
Seth Mandel

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ГРИНФЕСТ 21.06.2015.
Вот так падать - не есть ли то самое Bliss??
Bliss, by Muse.
Drums: Sonor Select Force Stage 1
Cymbals: Sabian XS20 Hats 14" Сrash 16" Ride 20", Istanbul Agop Traditional 18" Crash/Ride
Mics: AKG Rhytm Pack
Made in: Reaper DAW
Одна из лучших "живых" групп в мире. ИМХО (:
Bliss Live at Reading Festival 2011

Muse performing Bliss at the MTV Studios in Milan on September 15th 2003.

The following songs were broadcast :

01 - Hysteria
02 - Thoughts of a Dying Atheist
03 - Bliss
04 - Blackout
05 - Citizen Erased
06 - Butterflies & Hurricanes
07 - New Born
08 - Time is Running Out
09 - Plug in Baby
10 - Stockholm Syndrome

You can find the videos of all these performances here on my channel :
BLiss Muse bass cover - ILIA Acension
Не судите строго, эту песню услышал только вчера, загорелся ей и решил исполнить)) как раз к Международному Женскому Дню.
Serata sensazionale al Forum, canzone spettacolare. Enjoy!

Muse-Bliss-(Live-Absolution Tour)
This is a small home recording of Dash playing a Muse cover.
барабаны - "EZdrummer", спасибо Артёму
Татьяна Мишина.
Bliss [Le Zénith, Paris]

Live at Le Zénith, Paris
Recorded: 2001
Producer: Thomas Kirk
Publisher: Taste Media, Mushroom
Release date: 1st July 2002

Track list:
1. Intro - What's He Building
2. Dead Star
3. Micro Cuts
4. Citizen Erased
5. Sunburn (guitar)
6. Showbiz
7. Megalomania
8. Uno
9. Screenager
10. Feeling Good
11. Space Dementia
12. In Your World
13. Muscle Museum
14. Cave
15. New Born
16. Hyper Music
17. Agitated
18. Unintended
19. Plug In Baby
20. Bliss
Vidéo du Live à Glastonbury de MUSE
Absolution Tour
Chanson : Bliss

Снимали видео здесь -
Очень крутое место!
Muse interpretando la cancion de Bliss en su concierto realizado en el Palacio De Los Deportes de la Ciudad de Mexico DF el pasado 18 de Octubre de 2013

Muse performing Bliss at the Saitama Super Arena, Japan on January 12th 2013.

The following songs were broadcast :

01 - Unsustainable
02 - Supremacy
03 - Interlude + Hysteria
04 - Bliss
05 - Supermassive Black Hole
06 - Man with a Harmonica + Knights of Cydonia
07 - Explorers
08 - Sunburn
09 - Time is Running Out
10 - Liquid State
11 - Madness
12 - Follow Me
13 - Undisclosed Desires
14 - Plug in Baby
15 - New Born
16 - Uprising
17 - Starlight
by Сергей Седов
Muse playing Bliss at Supersonic (Italy) on September 15th 2003. <br/><br/>
Я сделала это слайдшоу в приложении Picrolla
Muse - Bliss(SPB 2015)
Альтернативный День 27 Апреля FENIX
VERY GOOD SOUND!!! Wiener Stadthalle, Wien 19.11.2012 See FULL show here:
recorded with "Panasonic Lumix TZ7"

видеоотчёт с вечеринки tribute Muse (2.10.2010) клуб Вагонка
видео с фотоаппарата
You can download this over at muselive (covers&remixes)
in a previous video i did the main arpeggio from bliss on the IMS20 for iPad, now with Audiobus i added iPolysix, ReBirth and some effects with Nlog and Livefx, all in the same iPad, that was fun!!

...and expensive :S

if you like it subscribe and share :)

и тут я запрыгал...
Arrangement by Samer Fanek (night86pl).


Link to sheet music:

Muse performing Bliss at the Tokyo Zepp in Japan on July 15th 2001.

The following songs were broadcast :

01 - Micro cuts
02 - New Born
03 - Screenager
04 - Sunburn
05 - Unintended
06 - Citizen Erased
07 - Fillip
08 - Muscle Museum
09 - Bliss

A compilation of Matts Bliss Falsetto from;

Earls Court 2004, Live 8 2005, Reading 2006, Sheperds Bush Empire 2006, Wembley Stadium 2007, Royal Albert Hall 2008.

I want the peace and joy in your mind
Everything about you is how I'd want to be
Your freedom comes naturally
Everything about you resonates happiness
Now I won't settle for less

Give me
All the peace and joy in your mind

Everything about you pains my envying
Your soul can't hate anything
Everything about you is so easy to love
They're watching you from above

Muse interprète Bliss lors de leur concert au Stade de France le 21/06/2013

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Контактый тел. 8-952-240-77-54
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Bliss by Muse gig @the Olympia on the 2nd of october 2012 live
мой любимый момент.
Live concert of Muse at the Adriatic Arena in Pesaro, 17th November 2012.

Have a look at these funny websites for your own entertainment :

Nine Muses / 9MUSES - Sleepless Night (рус саб)
Фансаб-группа Bliss приглашает:
An exclusive clip of Muse performing "Bliss" Live at the Mayan Theater in Los Angeles.
Guitar Center and DIRECTV are proud to present Muse Live at the Mayan, a 90 minute concert special, airing July 10th on DIRECTV Audience channel 239!

For more exclusive content including photos and videos from their performance, visit
Muse gig at Paris Olympia
October 2nd 2012<br/><br/>
2015. Russia. Saint-Petersburg. Greenfest. Muuuuse))
Band: Muse
Song: Bliss
Gig: Top of the Mountain
Location: Ischgl, Austria
Date: 30.04.2016

Available on iTunes & More! //

My cover of Muse's song, Bliss :) Bliss was requested a lot by you guys so here it is! With a little Radiohead thrown in there!
Radiohead's "Reckoner", "Where I End And You Begin", and "Bodysnatchers" are somewhere in th
Muse performing "Bliss" live in Antwerp, Belgium, 18 Dec 2012. Sorry I missed the first few seconds, I was so was my first time ever hearing it live!

Muse performing Bliss live from The 2nd Law Tour at the Valley View Casino Center in San Diego, CA on January 21, 2013. This was recorded with a Sony Cyber-shot HX9V. Sorry about the sound at 1:19 and the bad camera work, I was trying to take a photo with my phone.

Muse playing Bliss live at Wembley Stadium London on 11th September 2010 Filmed in HD.
Multicam Bliss no Barclaycard Arena, a 06/05/2016!

Jaime Nombela
MuseFanSpain --

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Muse performing Bliss at the Paris Live 8 in France in July 2nd 2005.

Setlist :

01 - Hysteria
02 - Bliss (extended)
03 - Time is Running Out
04 - Plug in Baby

#169; 2009 WMG

St. Petersburg, Petrovsky stadium 21.06.2015
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Этот момент, когда песня еще толком не началась, но ты уже знаешь, что это за песня. Из тысячи ее узнаешь. По первой же ноте.
Greenfest 2015
Lucky enough to hear this tune, considering it wasn't played on the last performance .
Mexico City. Palacio de los Deportes.