Murder, She Wrote: Она написала убийство / She Wrote Murder - сезон 1х18, Она написала убийство / She Wrote Murder - сезон 4х04, Она написала убийство / She

Murder, She Wrote

Angela Lansbury
Noah Beery Jr.
Clu Gulager
Jessica attends the burial of Wyoming rancher Jack Carver with his family and fellow veteran friends. Family lawyer Sam Breen announces he died without finalizing his will, which would provide the sale of the ranch to his brother Tim Carver, so only daughter Mary inherits everything. Then turns up Carl Mestin, with his cheap tomcat wife Sally, waving a will making him general heir. He lies about saving Jack's life in Korea, and after a stormy night when the men wen
Visiting her niece Victoria Brandon Griffin, Jessica finds her crumbled by her job in advertising to give husband Howard financial comfort to pursue his acting career, while he feels guilty for being a kept man. However Vicky gets arrested after finding her mean boss, Larry Kinkaid, skull smashed with an award her fingerprints are on, just after she resigned refusing to court a married client. Jessica forces NYPD lieutenant Spoletti to look further, notably the security guard's list of building visitors, in
Retired Navy Dr. Wylie Graham takes a yacht in Cabot Cove near his friend Seth while working in the nearest hospital. Ladiesman David Everett, a former flame of Jessica, is in town to have an 18th century treasure ship found by four young people who entered a tontine: the survivors inherit any deceased member's share. Just after they locate the ship, diver Bill Ainsley had a nearly fatal accident, probably equipment sabotage. Next Alexandra Bell, drunk from the celebratory champagne at Jessica's, is run ove
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Jessica is invited to dine with East German concert violinist Greta Mueller, her overprotective brother Franz and security chief Colonel Gerhardt Brunner, and next is joined during the concert by British secret agent Michael Hagarty, working as Dennis McKelvy, who has blood on his hand when he abducts her and the Mueller's limousine to the South African embassy at gun point, asking for sanctuary, in fact Paul's staged defection, again a cover for his work as SAS agent, which was rightly expected to be disco
Старые и новые сериалы!

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Старые и новые сериалы!

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Only when Jessica tells Neil, who inflicted himself a nasty wound, that Charlie's bat was taken away by bully Hank before his murder, he admits he only took the blame to protect the kid before running after finding the bloody bat behind the corpse. Roustabout Brad Kaneally swears his hands are always roughed up, from work. Then there is another staged near-accident and Harry Kingman is found strangled in an inn while Neil is still in jail on the mayor's orders, sheriff Lynn Childs decides to brave him and h
When lieutenant detective Barney Kale is offered a trip around the world at his third and final retirement, he announces to delay it till Spring to finish full-time what he considers his only unsolved murder case, his friend Lowel Dixon's drowning ten years ago at Juniper Lake in the midst of a property development scandal. Local motel proprietor Jake Sanford informs everyone who was into it, including Seth Hazlit. Worying doc may get in trouble, Jessica and Amos go looking, and find ex-con Gary Roberts sho
Angela Lansbury
Ed Ames
Joey Bishop
Jessica visits Peggy Shannon, whose ex-husband Johnny is a big star but a terrible, beastly abusive boss for their gentle son, composer Michael 'Mickey' Shannon, in his Desert Palms residence with advanced alarm system. Police Detective Sergeant Barnes has to intervene when Johnny rudely chases out of the country club professional tennis player Vic LaRosa, the current lover of daughter Terry Shannon, who is seeking revenge according to ma. Next morning, Johnny is found sh
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Brian Puspos performs "Murder She Wrote" with J Bird on the keys.

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Now dis one dedicated to the girls
Dem wid di angel face and the devil heart
Yuh no say Ragamuffin Chaka Demus an youth called Pliers
Come to deal with your case
Step up my youth - Hear dis!

I know this little girl, her name is Maxine
Her beauty is like a bunch of rose
If I ever tell you bout Maxine
You would a say I don't know what I know (but)

Murder she wrote (fi real fi real)
Murder she wrote
Angela Lansbury
Cecile Callan
Robert Vaughn
Jessica visits Dr. Seth Hazlitt at the New Mexico archaeological dig paid by Gideon Armstrong, led by Southwest University professor Dr. Stan Garfield, on the site of an Anasazi village, and perhaps Coronado's legendary city of gold, to which story TV celebrity Dr. Aubrey Benton holds the rights. Every evening an Indian ghost costume wearer sings on a cliff, till Armstrong's guards climb up scare him off, but on Jessica's second night Gideon's young wife Cynthia s
Angela Lansbury
Karen Black
Jerry Orbach
Celebrity Richard Bennett gets Jessica to bid for him in San Francisco on suicided fellow star friend Evangeline's diary to destroy it. Before the auction she witnesses security guard Albert Cromwell reporting to auctioneer William Readford a failed offer of $5,000 to steal it for Evangeline's therapist Dr. Sylvia Dunn. At the auction, Richard's corpse is found in an armoire. SFPD Lt. Casey nearly arrests Jessica, speculating his check was made out in her name, but s
Angela Lansbury
John Astin
Tom Bosley
Jessica's fellow guests at a remote inn include an obsessive birdwatcher, an enthusiastic nature lover who likes to streak through the woods, a rich jerk and his shy wife, and a devoted fisherman whose wife doesn't sit home waiting for him. When Jessica sees one guest push another into the lake, she's determined to understand what happened and why.
Angela Lansbury
John Astin
Paul Benedict
Amos eagerly retires, handing over his sheriff's star to real estate agent Harry Pierce, but then Beverly Gareth is found electrocuted in her bath. She was the heir to land of vital importance to Friedrich Hoffman's environmentally horrible 400 condos Cabot Cove coast development project. The town is flooded by gossip letters badmouthing -at least part are lies- Beverly, only one of which was sent by Elvira Tree, who is next found hung. Jessica, her guest New York tr
Angela Lansbury
Dennis Cole
Linda Hamilton
Jessica is the guest of honour opening the children's fund benefit exhibition tournament in Elliot Robinson's Green River Racquet tennis club, where her young friend Carol McDermott has a managing position. Brian East, Carol's charming fiancé who dumped haughty fellow tennis player Cissy Barnes for her, is killed by a dynamite explosion in the car he borrowed from Carol. Investigating detective lieutenant Tad Travis is a fan of Jessica, but is killed by knife when
Angela Lansbury
Tom Bosley
Anne Jeffreys
Cabot Cove financial adviser Henry Burning is scheduled to be cremated suspiciously quickly after dying on vacation in Fransdale with his wife and sole beneficiary Connie Vernon, who claims it was a heart-attack but is accused during the church service of killing him by his mistress Phyllis Walters; when the closed casket gets knocked over, it contains another man's corpse. Amos wants to solve this case himself, while Jessica has a manuscript deadline, and gets on gr
Angela Lansbury
Fernando Allende
Robert Goulet
Famous painter Diego Santana celebrates his sixtieth anniversary on his Mediterranean island retreat with his second wife, ex, son Miguel, daughter, protégé and a few friends. He is nearly killed by a massive flower pot thrown down by a left-handed shadow, and asks Jessica, who arrives the next morning by helicopter with gallery keeper Sir John Landry, to investigate in secret, helped by first batch guest police inspector Henry Kyle, but Diego is soon killed on
Angela Lansbury
José Ferrer
Murray Hamilton
Robert Loggia
English hypnotist Cagliastro is fired by casino-hotel-owner Joe Kellijian, because he does his glamorous wife Regina. Jessica saves her editor's assistant Joan Germaine's bacon covering for making a date for her with Cagliostro as inspiration for another mystery book. They overhear the master dare local press journalists Bud Michaels and rookie Andy Townsend to be hypnotized before a revealing interviewer so they won't remember a word unless he's a c
Angela Lansbury
Olivia Cole
Stan Shaw
Jessica is invited to New Orleans by TV station WDX, but arrives two days early by mistake, so her host Jonathan Hawley has 48 hours to show her the 'Cajun paradise' (French quarter). Jessica soon notices the jazz show circuit can be nastily competitive; then clarinetist Ben Coleman dies from an apparent heart-attack during a recording, as she presumed actually curare-poisoning, but why and how exactly? NOPD Detective Lt. Simeon Kershaw gets help from Jessica investigat
Angela Lansbury
Talia Balsam
Morgan Brittany
Jessica meets mystery rhyme writer Horace Lynchfield in San Francisco, both came for a literary award. Published, womanizing but burned-out novelist Hemsley Post is reminded of his debt by and to his since 10 years separated wife Alexis, shakes off real veteran and would-be author Frank Lapinski by calling a security guard, boasts about the 'definitive Vietnam war novel' even his publisher never read to his former secretary Adrian Winslow who is now successful an
Angela Lansbury
Kerry Armstrong
Tom Bosley
Invited by Leo Peterson, a former dancer who defected long ago, Jessica attends a Boston performance of the famous Soviet Russian Rostoff ballet. She guesses something is up when Leo gets a program from the bottom of the pile with a code; after the performance they are joined in his car by defecting star dancers Alexander and Natalia Masurov but hear on the radio that KGB security agent Serge Berensky has been found dagger-murdered in their dressing room, so Jessic
Убит художник, картина похищена, её испорченной нашли на помойке... Подозревается женщина, нанятая накрывать на стол и мыть посуду на званом вечере.

Angela Lansbury
James Coco
Kim Darby
Joaquin Phoenix
When Jessica visits her Kansas relatives, police detective Lieutenant Bert Donovan's family, she is invited by theme park magnate Horatio Baldwin and firmly turns down his project for another one based on horror elements from her mystery books. Shortly after Horatio is found dead in his self-locked office, apparently suicide, but actually got a fatal blow on the head before the shot. After Erica Baldwin becomes a rich widow for the fourth time, she hires
Angela Lansbury
John Beck
Bruce Jenner
Jessica inherits from uncle Cyrus a holding company, the only asset being the crucial 4% in the Leopards professional American football team which two groups control at 48% each, and executive lawyer Brad Lockwood fails to make her sign proxy powers for it before she checks it out herself. She meets player Zak Farrell, his wife Kathy and adopted mute daughter Jill. Businessman Phil Kreuger is dead-eager to buy Jessica out for one share-holders group and move the franch
Angela Lansbury
Pat Corley
Brian Lane Green
When her friend Professor Ames Caulfield takes Jessica along to recover in the country after a literary conference, his car breaks down in southern Roper County, they'll have to stay a few days in the inn of Cassie Latham Burns, to his amazement a former student of his, whose charming adolescent son Matthew performs Country in Frank Kelso's saloon. Ames witnesses how the kid is publicly humiliated by slutty waitress Linda Bonner's brother Ed and his goons, includi
Angela Lansbury
Bert Convy
Robert Costanzo
Jessica is unhappy her nephew accountant Grady Fletcher's new employer is the publisher Christopher Bundy, who just purchased the magazine Literary Lines which is to run one of her stories and transformed it from classy content to 'centerfold' thrash. When they visit him in the villa where he lives with his sister Rachel and her son Tony and daughter Vanessa from different marriages, Bundy convinces her to stay the night and meet with his lawyers and assures her th
Just when Jessica visits her Cedar Heighs senior friend Lloyd Marcus, who insists to show her a manuscript 'from a friend' to read and comment on, the mysterious local art thief strikes again, right there on houseman Forbes's day off, as he does every few months without any witnesses. Next day they find his daughter Julia is robbed in her home, but also killed. Jessica, rather then police chief Cooper, who retired from the NYPD, investigates, examining the crime scenes, neighbors, friends, other art owners.


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In 2012 , they embettered the credit name of the title of the series ( Mord ist ihr Hobby ) .
They replaced the computer writing title (last seconds of the credits) by a real leather strap including the German name of the show

Salve a tutti, ho provato a registrare al piano in digitale la storica sigla della "signora in giallo" provando a seguire il tempo di quella originale (si vede che ho molto da fare eh? :-D), e questo è quello che ne è uscito...sentitevi pure liberi di commentare sia in positivo che in negativo...spero vi piaccia, o perlomeno vi faccia trascorrere 44 secondi piacevoli :-)

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Why is it that every episode of MURDER, SHE WROTE ended with a freeze frame shot of Angela Lansbury either laughing, waving, being kissed by a man ...
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Music: "Murder She Wrote" - Brian Puspos
Choreography: Mikey DellaVella
Dancers: Chris Chawi & Marcquet Hill
Videographer: Jerel Mascarinas

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Загрузила Elena Grichuh
The Cataracs - Murder She Wrote
Год: 2008
Альбом: The 13th Grade
Режиссер: Colin Tilley
Загружено на канал YouTube: 12 дек. 2007 г.
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Laquisha ain't NEVER going to Cabot Cove, the most dangerous place in the world.
Rich Hil 'Murder She Wrote' video in London, track from Limosa Nostra Act 3.
Музыка: Demus & Pliers - Murder She Wrote
Хореография: Kaelynn KK Harris
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Directed and Edited by Adrian Pereyra

Brian Puspos

The legendary 5-time Tony winner and 3-time Oscar nominee Angela Lansbury talks with Kathie Lee and Hoda about Jim Carrey, Neil Patrick Harris, Beauty and the Beast and possible sequel to Murder, She Wrote on Today Show.

20th Century Fox's Mr. Popper's Penguins In Theaters June 17.


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Now dis one dedicated to the girls
Dem wid di angel face and the devil heart
Yuh no say Ragamuffin Chaka Demus an youth called Pliers
Come to deal with your case
Step up my youth - Hear dis!

I know this little girl, her name is Maxine
Her beauty is like a bunch of rose
If I ever tell you bout Maxine
You would a say I don't know what I know (but)

Track: "Murder she wrote" Chaka Demus Pliers

Dancers: Ester León, Psique, Sonia Ebiole, Tenzul Zamora, Makady Jammeh, Mery Fabregat, Indee .

Shot Edition: Esmol Jonze,(Slow Easy films)

Track: "Murder she wrote" Chaka Demus PliersDancers: Ester León, Psique, Sonia Ebiole, Tenzul Zamora, Makady Jammeh, Mery Fabregat, Indee . Shot Edition: Esmol Jonze,(Slow Easy films)Choreographed Directed by : Indee

Angela Lansbury
Polly Bergen
Roddy McDowall
Jessica arrives at Crenshaw to hold the commencement speech and receive an honorary degree at the local college. The preceding faculty party is animated by host Dr. Jocelyn Laird's daughter Daphne Clover, who jumps into the pool naked and her beefy, drunk New York lover Nick Fulton who knocks down Professor Ron Mercer and a vase with one punch, still shirtless. Next morning Jessica finds Nick's corps under a construction site as if he fell to his death, but that m
Angela Lansbury
Ann Blyth
Wings Hauser
Scott Lodge thinks his wife Francesca is going crazy and trying to kill him. But when a phone call from her supposedly dead first husband precedes the fatal incident, Jessica must unravel fact from hysteria to find a killer.
Старые и новые сериалы!

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Angela Lansbury
Barbara Babcock
Jerry Orbach
While highly respected P.I. Archie Miles, who even teaches at the police academy, is working on the old Danbury scalpel murder case, involving judge Lambert, for Jessica's research, he is shot in his office. His rather shady, clumsier partner Harry McGraw contacts Jessica as Archie was working on only two other cases, about allegedly adulterous contractor Ernie Santini and editor Priscilla Daniels of Femininity Magazine, who suddenly backs down on her political a
Angela Lansbury
Edie Adams
Linda Kelsey
US Congressman Wendell Joyner gets a fatal heart-attack at 's party, arranged by Congressman Dan Keppner and dodgy lobbyist Harry Parmel, actually at a party for a potential successor, officially in his bed. The governor of Maine demands Jessica to fill in as federal legislator for a few weeks till the party can officially select a new Congressman. She keeps on Joyner's staff for her short tenure, notably helpful driver-press agent Joe Blinn and administrative assista
The Cataracs-murder she wrote HD video
directed by Colin Tilley
©copyrights Colin Tilley/Cataracs
Chaka Demus & Pliers perform their classic hit Murder She Wrote, live at Tuff Gong Studios in Jamaica, as part of 1Xtra's special session for Jamaica 50.<br/><br/>
она написала убийство 1 сезон 2 серия
The opening sequence from the 1984—1996 CBS TV series, "Murder, She Wrote". Starring Angela Lansbury as Jessica Fletcher.

Angela Lansbury
Eddie Bracken
Victoria Carroll
Texan millionaire Milton Porter welcome at the airport Jessica, who will testify on behalf of his client Endicot, who is falsely accused of plagiarism, but she abhors his eagerness to (counter)sue people for a fortune. When playing children cause her to fall and strain her ankle, he drives her to a private luxury hospital where she is fitted a cask by Dr. Ellison, who is in openly nasty competition with Dr. Wes Kenyon for the succession of their chief, Dr. Samu
Angela Lansbury
David Ackroyd
Tony Bill
After Mark Lee Reynolds's wife Stephanie has a car accident which at best leaves her cripple for life while he is wounded at the left shoulder, criminal John Detweiler who sees him picking up a woman in a bar where he tries to drink some courage calls her jealous husband, goon Cliff Anderson, who knows his Becky is serially unfaithful. Jessica is foreperson of the jury which must decide if Mark committed murder or only killed in self-defense. She makes everyone go ove
The great Angela Lansbury in her famous role as Jessica Fletcher in the American television mystery series "Murder, She Wrote" (1984-1996).
Also known as:
Mord ist ihr Hobby - Germany
Napisała: Morderstwo - Poland
Arabesque - France
Hun Så Et Mord - Denmark
Jeshika Obasan No Jikenbo - Japan
La Signora In Giallo - Italy
Mord Och Inga Visor - Sweden
Mõrv Sai Teoks - Estonia
Murhasta Tuli Totta - Finland
Gyilkos Sorok - Hungary
Se Ha Escrito Un Crimen - Spain
Η συγγραφέας ντετέκτιβ - Greece
Cinayet Dosyası - Turkey
Verdict: Crima - Romania
Crime, Disse Ela - Portugal
La Reportera Del Crimen - Mexico

Саркастическо сумасшедшея Murder She Wrote, из которой в последствии родилась песня Murder Murder в альбоме Slim Shady LP, мне понравилась больше ремейка, поэтому я сделал сабы именно к ней.

Angela talks about her role as Jessica Fletcher on her iconic series Murder She Wrote

Choreography: Kaelynn "KK" Harris
Filmed at: Tulane University New Orleans
Filmed and Edited by: Reggie Alexander @ChildishArt
Song: "Murder She Wrote"
Artist: Chaka Demus & Pliers
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This is to all the lovers of reggae especially the Chaka Demus and Pliers fans of Murder She Wrote. Peace to all!

The third of the Murder She Wrote TV Movies (2001)

Angela Lansbury
Priscilla Barnes
Jack Carter
Under instructions from big boss Tony, local mobster boss Vince Shackman leans heavily on race horse trainer Mike Gann to settle his gambling debts by fixing a race, which takes quite a lot, including making a Panamese illegal jockey be replaced 'sick' by greenhorn Tracy Macgill, a niece of Jessica, who made a stop-over on the way to San Francisco to see her debut. When Tracey is arrested for the tranquilizer gun murder of Jack Bowen, Jessica fears the police won
From the episode "Smooth Operators" (Season 5, Episode 12)

Николас Костер в сериале "Она написала убийство" (серия - "Ловкие мошенники")

Murder She Wrote Riddim, Jamdown Mix
Murder, She Wrote 2: Return to Cabot Cove Game Download:
Drake - Murder She Wrote ft. Ty Dolla $ign & Juicy J *NEW SONG 2017*
Drake - Murder She Wrote ft. Ty Dolla $ign & Juicy J *NEW SONG 2017*
Drake - M...
This is a rare moment in Murder she wrote series. Angela Lansbury singing Goodbye little yellow bird as Emma McGill. She originaly sang this song in the "Picture of the Dorian Gray" in 1945. (second season, 1985)
Promo for CBS' Sunday March 17, 1985 prime time lineup of "Murder She Wrote" and "Crazy Like A Fox"

Видео группы:
Angela stars in "Film Flam" with guest stars John Astin and Jim Caviezel where she attempts to solve a murder in a Hollywood Movie Studio

Angela stars in "Film Flam" with guest stars John Astin and Jim Caviezel where she attempts to solve a murder in a Hollywood Movie Studio

I found this on an old VHS cassette and just had to share it. Here is Murder She Wrotes Angela Lansbury frankly discussing her hit TV show and her perspective on it.

В номере лондонского отеля Джессика случайно обнаруживает труп мужчины. Но пока напуганная писательница спускается в холл, чтобы сообщить о страшной находке, тело исчезает. Вскоре писательница выясняет, что пропавший постоялец - агент, работающий в Лондоне под прикрытием
Angela talks to David Hartman about her role in the t.v. show "Murder She Wrote"..

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Шон Калхэйн, отставной ирландский детектив и коллега Джессики по Манхэттенскому Университету, подозревается в убийстве. Жертвой стал ирландец Олд Сод, с которым Калхэйна связывала многолетняя вражда. Джессика, уверенная в невиновности Шона, берется спасти его от тюрьмы.
Angela stars in "Film Flam" with guest stars John Astin and Jim Caviezel where she attempts to solve a murder in a Hollywood Movie Studio

Angela Lansbury
Margaret Avery
Adrienne Barbeau
During Jessica's lecture in a woman's prison with an all-female staff, the doctor is found, killed by a morphine injection, with convict Mary's fingerprints on, but this is proven not to be the murder weapon. Next there is a revolt, which takes Jessica hostage but is ill-prepared: even the demands are a matter for debate. Jessica is now asked to investigate, and while she digs into malpractices apparently involving warden Gates, who has political ambition, and
Angela Lansbury
Orson Bean
Tom Bosley
Bo Dixon is getting desperate as all his diner customers, even sheriff Tupper and his former waitress Cornelia, desert to the Joshua Peabody Inn on the Interstate. When he checks out the competition during breakfast and sees the owner Floyd Nelson row with the pseudo-French chef Alan Dupree, who wanted out of his three year contract by getting fired, there is a mild case of food poisoning and a fatal one: businessman Harrison Fraser III's wife Wilhelmina's best friend B
Angela Lansbury
Jayne Meadows
Robert Culp
Jessica's nephew Grady is applying for a job with the Lila Lee Cosmetics empire. Lila's brother and partner Norman tries to soothe wounded feelings as Lila Lee tyrannizes their employees. Jessica is delighted to see former student Elizabeth Gordon, Norman's intended fiancée. When she's murdered, Jessica finds the killer.
Angela Lansbury
Barbara Babcock
Robert Forster
Jessica goes to New Orleans during the Mardi Gras festival to check on cousin-in-law Calhoun 'Cal' Fletcher as promised to old aunt Mildred. As her hotel was only booked from the next night, she goes straight to Cal's place, but the only man in the Cyrano de Bergerac costume she was told he wears ignores her and storms with drawn sword into a room besides the party hall from where a fight is heard, which leaves a real corpse, Johnny Blaze, with Cal written in b - Official Group Eazy-E
the first white rap-woman
она даже тогда была неебически крутой
Music video by Likle Mystic performing Murder She Wrote. © 2014 Ziggyblacks Productions
Известный пианист Вацлав Мариска во время пожара сильно обжигает кисти рук. Руки - главное состояние виртуоза – застрахованы на десять миллионов долларов. Дэнису Стентону поручают разобраться, не пытается ли Мариска обмануть страховую компанию.
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Filmed by Chad Mayate
Edited by Jordan Abrantes

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В поезде на Эль Пасо Джессика знакомится с попутчицей. Вскоре женщина таинственным образом исчезает, а в руках писательницы оказывается сообщение, адресованное пропавшей...
Vogue by Мартина Martynenko.All Stars Workshop 11.2016
Music:Неизвестен–Murder She Wrote
#allstarsdc #allstarsvideo
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жанр детектив
режиссер Энтони Пуллен Шоу
В редакции популярной газеты в Сан-Франциско Джессика оказывается вовлечена в новое расследование. Колумнистку, любимицу читателей Лоретту Ли пытались застрелить, но пуля чудом прошла мимо, едва задев ее. Сама Лоретта, похоже, не относится к покушению всерьез. И напрасно, ведь загадочный убийца вряд ли остановится, пока не добьется своего...
The Singaporean Mad Decent-signee MYRNE turned Brian Puspos's Murder She Wrote into an emotional blissed-out banger.

Brian Puspos Slow Love and B...
This classic video features the first white female rapper Tairrie B. with cameos from Eazy E of NWA, QD3 and legendary underground Philly rapper Schoolly D. Directed by Richard Cummings Jr. this clip also features a quick look at the making of the video which was filmed at the historic Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles with a voiceover by Richard Blade for MTV!

The Power Of A Woman
CompTown Records - MCA 1990
В Голливуде большая премьера. Последний фильм знаменитого Остина Янга, снятый 35 лет назад, но отложенный на полку из-за загадочной смерти режиссера. Накануне премьеры появляется приемная дочь Янга и заявляет, что все права на фильм принадлежат ей…
Zaya's Murder, She Wrote аля Сиара, она же Малявка :)

Angela Lansbury
Milton Berle
Vivian Blaine
Grady Fletcher invites aunt Jessica to be his guest at a Broadway show he's doing the bookkeeping for and meet both his girl-friend and has-been movie star Rita Bristol, whose prima donna-attitude and drinking endanger the show that was to be her come-back and the launch of daughter Patti Bristol. They all dine with others including son Barry Bristol, director Marc Faber and banker Si Parrish, the principal investor. On the way home, Pati is shot in the spine by st
Chaka Demus & Pliers performs "Murder She Wrote" live at the Old School & Freestyle Extravaganza concert in New York City's Radio City Music Hall
The final of the four Murder,She Wrote TV movies. Enjoy !!!
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Murder, She Wrote (In English)

Season 4, Episode 10
Indian Giver (29 Nov. 1987)
"Murder, She Wrote" Indian Giver (original title)

A Native Indian lays claim to Cabot Cove, throwing the town in chaos. When a local industrialist is found murdered, all signs point to the town's supposed new land owner.
Angela Lansbury
Sarah Douglas
Olivia Hussey
Jessica's redheaded British cousin Emma McGill has her fly over to London to attend her 'funeral' as requested by last will, but actually it's a staged car accident so they can sleuth who is behind three incidents Emma considers but can't prove to be murder attempts, in her view for ownership of her old-fashioned Mayhew music hall, which is in financial trouble but valuable if sold -would be-buyers even awaited Jessica at the airport-, half of the profits would go
Angela Lansbury
Linda Blair
Tom Bosley
Jessica and sheriff Amos Tupper, who keeps worrying if they'll be back in time for a Cabot Cove lottery where he wants to win a TV set, return from a Boston convention by bus. After picking up two unknown passengers, the stormy weather and damage force the party to take an indefinite rest at a diner, where Jessica can observe everyone conversing. When she goes look for a book on the bus, Jessica finds Gilbert Stoner, one of the extra passengers and as she deduced astut