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Mumbai Science

"Déjà Vu" will be released May 5 on Lektroluv Records. Their album, 'Déjà Vu' is out June 16.
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Production Company -- Wanda London
Director -- Ehsan Bhatti

THUMP is the world's newest authority on electronic everything:
An oddball half-human, half grape-faced monster lets off some steam - despite how much trouble he gets into, he just cannot stop himself from misbehaving (over and over again...) An off the cuff, rough and rugged journey through the mundane market-stalls of East London, where the chaos of the day unfolds as our deformed dude refuses to take any more crap! Director: Ehsan B Producer: Melodie Roulaud at Wanda Productions (London) Commissioner: Vincent de Boek DoP: Luke Jacobs Editor: Sam Ostrove @ Cu
Release date single: 5th of May 2014
Release date album: 16th of June 2014
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Mumbai Science proudly presents "Déjà Vu", the first single of their same-titled debut album. "Déjà Vu" takes you on a trip to a grim future, where partying is reduced to handing out business cards and personal trainers are the new superstars. Guest vocalist April Rose delivers a casual, slightly blasé recording, bringing a fictitious can't-be-bothered woman to life, who roams in

1. Mumbai Science - Black Hole
2. Mumbai Science - Black Hole (Floorplan Remix)

Belgian electronic duo Mumbai Science explores the final frontier with their newest single Black Hole. The release includes the first Floorplan (aka Robert Hood) remix to date.
A remix done by Mumbai Science for MixHell.
Releasedate: April 2011
Mumbai Science - Unified Theory Part 3

1. Mumbai Science - Alchemy
2. Mumbai Science - Chemistry

release date (beatport): 19th of marc...

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10 Days Off 2011 kicked off with a Lektroluv label night with performances by Sigi, Mumbai Science, Boris Dlugosch, Sound of Stereo and of course the good doctor himself.

We caught up with the guys from Mumbai Science at AGallery, a daytime hangout in an art gallery with free performances by 10 Days Off DJs. They talk about the weirdest place they have ever played a gig and how the past year has been for them. Besides their busy touring schedule, the guys have also been working on new remixes for Goose, Alex Gopher and Crookers coming out later this year.

After the interview we also have footage of Mumbai Science's set straight from the DJ booth.

Title: Antigalactic (Mumbai Science Remix)
Artist: Mixhell
Release: Antigalactic (BNR057)
(c) Boysnoize Records (2011)

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Video is directed by Pablo Menna for Tor
[] Erol Alkan playing Mumbai Science - Lotus @ Brodinski All Day Long / Nuits Sonores 2011
Title: Antigalactic
Artist: Mixhell
Release: Antigalactic (BNR057)
Video is directed by Pablo Menna for Toro Productions

Beatport :​en-US/​html/​content/​release/​detail/​349268/​Antigalactic

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Mumbai Science presents their latest work, the '1975 EP'. Two no-nonsense club-tracks, inspired by dirty warehouse techno but cheerfully colored with weird glitchy synths and catchy vocal snippets. The title track '1975' features a deep male voice carelessly asking the crowd "So, What do you wanna do". The answer is self-evident: "Party all night long and forget about our boyfriends!"

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But n
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Production credits : Studio Make Stuff - -

'Mumbai Science' is the brainchild of Belgian techno-gurus Maarten Elen and Jonas Kiesekoms. Widely supported by artists the likes of Boys Noize, Erol Alkan and fellow Belgians Soulwax, they are no longer strangers to the scene. Signed to the notorious 'Lektroluv Records', the duo has released club anthems like Ancova, Gold, Lotus and more recently their 'Unified Theory' trilogy.

Now, the duo presents a remarkable new video project in cooperation with The video series, called "128 Memories per Minute", capture instants of their tour life in somewhat epileptic fashion, on the rythm of their own tracks. According to them: "The series is some kind of tour diary, capturing the awesome and less awesome moments on the road. There are no rules to it. We just read in a Psychological research paper that keeping a journal enhances your life and g
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Brace for Impact!

January 14th marks the release of a new 'Mumbai Science' single EP, called 'Impact'. The 9th EP already by the Belgian electronic duo, praised for their 'faux pas' techno, a fusion of futuristic outer-space melodies and post mortem 909 grooves. This time, the guys pitch their work as '... a dark, apocalyptic journey, echoing themes of inner conflict, moral tribulation and regret.' Sounds promising!
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