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Ms Mr-Ash Tree Lane
Part of MS MR's Cinegram Project Directed & Photographed by Luke Gilford
Frankfurt, Germany. 9/11/2013

Concert: MS MR

Club: Gibson

11 марта, 2013 год
Bosco Fresh Fest 2014
23 апреля, 2013 год
From the Candy Bar Creep Show EP -

video by David Dean Burkhart<br/><br/>
Another tribute video for the upcoming debut album "Secondhand Rapture" by MS MR. This song is featured on the extended play "Candy Bar Creep Show" alongside with "Bones", "Hurricane" and "Dark Doo Wop" (which I also made a tribute video for). I hope you'll enjoy it. It's not like my other videos, it's just a repeating of the scenes from the short video clip "Phagia" by Catapult Film at different speed pace. Hope you'll enjoy it!