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Mr. Scruff - Get A Move On
увидено в группе Психоделические Мультики
Short Animated Music Clip
потэйто пляшет)))))))))
drawing by Mr. Scruff
The amazingly fun video from Ninja Tune artist Mr. Scruff
Энди Карти (Andy Carthy), более известный в мире как Mr.Scruff - эксцентричный британский ди-джей и продюсер, мультипликатор и ценитель настоящего чая.

Mr. Scruff - Get A Move On (HD)
video clip for a fantastic song from mr. scruff from keep it unreal album

в воспитании классика,в голове -джаз,а в поведении -рок-н-ролл..
from the album "keep it real" 2004
video re-edited by vdj Doc-Terry

let's dance, bitch's)
crazy girl)) про красивых девушек песня....в студию))
A cut-clip i put together to the timing of Mr Scruff "Get a Move On"

The video is made up of clips taken from four seperate Disney cartoons: "The Skeleton Dance", "Haunted House", "The Old Man Of the Mountain", and "Porky's Railroad" (I do not own the original content)

Hope you enjoy!

From the album Hotel Costes: La Suite

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and original brilliant short;
mashed by themathematicalbrain
'Introducing' the 10-piece band that re-created DJ Shadow's 'Endtroducing' album live debut their new show 'Introducing take on Mr. Scruff' @ Village Underground, London November 2011. Here they close the show with Mr. Scruff's classic, the massive 'Get a move on'.

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Mr Scruff playing "Get a Move On" live at DEMF 2010. Red Bull Stage on Sunday May 30th.