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Motionless In White - Creatures

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Complete album stream for Motionless In White's debut album, Creatures.
The album is available now!


I fall
This is the end of you
Whispers are their weakness
Everyday I must practice to fake this smile
It's all the rain thats putting me to sleep
I'll let the blood tell the truth tonight
This is my life's work
11 tracks is not enough, to tell you how I've died inside
Love is lost like words
11 tracks is not enough.
In spiders eyes a man becomes a fly.
In prolonged silence, we all stand defiled.
We fall in line with the atrophy of life
The calm before the storm is a deafening silence
I've given my all, to this valley of despair
We are the damned, the cursed and the broken
There's so much more inside us
We are the lost, the sick and unspoken
There's so much more inside us
I'm drowning in an ocean of the tears that I have cried
I tried to drown my sor
Motionless In White's title track from their album "Creatures", w/ lyrics.

Creatures will be released October 12th.
Pre-Order Available Now:
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Dbut album "Creatures", available now via Fearless Records.

I think Motionless in White was the best band that performed at Warped Tour this year. They really got the crowd going and sounded dead-on to their songs. This is them playing on 7/13/11 at Mansfield, Massachusetts.
Motionless In White - Creatures breakdown compilation
I do not own any of these songs or the rights to them!
0:00 - 1:52 - Immaculate Misconception
1:53 - 2:14 - London In Terror
2:15 - 3:39 - Abigail
3:40 - 4:59 - Creatures
5:00 - 5:44 - Cobwebs
5:45 - 6:29 - Com Pt.II
6:30 - 7:14 - Count Choulitis
7:15 - 8:16 - Puppets (The First Snow)
8:17 - 9:05 - Undead Ahead
9:06 - 11:10 - Scissorhands (The Last Snow)
11:11 - 11:39 - Dragula
11:40 - Creatures (Beauty Remix By Celldweller)
ааа скорей бы, скорей бы
2nd song of the full set 4 more to come
Love how he talks about the Escape The Fate concert that didnt go down. My fiancee & I were supposed to go to that it was in Toronto on Valentines date. We had the perfect V-day date planned EVER & it didnt happen. We live over 2 hours away from Toronto & hate every other band that was playing so we didnt even go. Cried for days with the heartbreak from that. So for Valentines day we just went out for dinner & I got CHICKEN WINGS. If you dont like MIW you dont get
заглавная песня альбома
Official video for the song creatures from motionless in white, also includes subtitules and a spanish traduction for the lyrics, enjoy, comment, suscribes, I take requests for any song
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1. Immaculate Misconception
2. We Only Come Out at Night
3. London in Terror
4. Abigail
5. Creatures
6. Cobwebs
7. Com Pt. II
8."Count Choculitis
9. City Lights
10. Puppets (The First Snow)"
11. Undead Ahead
12. Scissorhands (The Last Snow)

I don't own anything in this video. all rights to fearless records.
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In spiders eyes a man becomes a fly/ In prolonged silence, we all stand defiled... (с)
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As supporting band of Blessthefall, Motionless In White performed Creatures as their first song of the concert. The concert was in Trix in Antwerp, Belgium. Please watch in HD.