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Лего Теория Большого взрыва 21302 Сборка The Big Bang Theory
Канал Lego обзоры от Warlorda
Сборка крутейшего набора LEGO Ideas. Обзор вскоре)

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In this episode of Everything Music we will be discussing Chromatic Line Motion in Orchestration. Topics discussed are Parallel Major to Minor Move...
How to make your motion design frames more dimensional. Create dynamic compositions with this one trick. One tip to make your designs more impactful. One simple tip for how to make your designs, photos, and illustrations better.

Blind creative director, Matthew Encina, joins Chris Do in this quick tutorial/lesson on creating more dynamic compositions.

To keep things simple and clearly illustrate what I mean, I’ve put together a few greyscale examples that show how adding contrast to your frames can drasti
Learn how 4 designs work when stitched over your quilt with All Over Quilting.
Quantum Theory Music Fast Motion HD Video.
Thanks to Jarvis Cocker for soundtrack.
Music:ShockOne - Chaos Theory


видео с моделькой лена одной версии
We watched hundreds of hours of football to analyse all the key plays in the game. Watching players to understand movement, speed, inertia, impact and agility - and deconstructed them to create a unique behaviour that we call the ‘Field of Play’. It is an entire graphics motion intent that has its roots firmly on the pitch to create a beautiful, elegant and bold motion system. All of the graphics and titles are influenced by on-the-field movement.

21302 Теория большого взрыва / The Big Bang Theory
Motion & camera by me
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Сеть школ танцев ШТАБ. Санкт-Петербург.
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Alexander Sonnenfeld discusses his "Theory of Motions" – a detailed notation system he created especially for turntablism techniques.

Gain valuable insights into the innovations and techniques that have shaped turntablism, explore its lineage and culture and catch showcase performances. This edition of Native Sessions featured luminary DJs, DMC champs and dance floor innovators Craze, Rafik and Unkut.
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