Moscow - timelapse | Москва, Россия: Moscow timelapse ( Москва / Россия ), Москва Россия Таймлапс - Moscow Russia In Motion Timelapse

Moscow - timelapse | Москва, Россия

Moscow timelapse ( Москва / Россия )

Moscow (Russian: Москва) is the 860 year-old capital of the Russian Federation. A truly iconic, global city, Moscow has played a central role in the development of the Russian state and indeed the world.

Moscow is the financial and political centre of Russia and the former Soviet Union with a population of around 13 million and it's area officially expanded to around 2,500km² in 2012. One-tenth of all Russian citizens live in the metropolitan area. Moscow time is 3h ah
Москва — столица России. Население 11 612 943 человек. Площадь 2550 км². Этнохороним - москвичи. Неофициальные названия: Белока́менная, Златогла́вая, Первопресто́льная, Порт пяти́ море́й, Тре́тий Рим.

Moscow - capital of Russia. The population of 11,612,943 people. Area 2550 km ². Etnohoronim - Moskvitchi. Informal names: Belokamennaya, Zlatoglavaya, Pervoprestolnaya, Port of five seas, The Third Rome.