Moria Chappell at Salon L'Orient: Moria Chappell with Douglas Ridings at Salon L'Orient 2012, Moria Chappell at "Salon L'Orient: Raqs L'Amour"

Moria Chappell at Salon L'Orient

Moria Chappell and Douglas Ridings perform an Odissi duet portraying the love of Radha and Krishna at "Salon L'Orient: Raqs L'Amour" (February 12th, 2012). Hosted by NagaSita at the Fez Ballroom.

Moria Chappell performs a celebration dance dedicated to her new headdress (crafted by NagaSita) ~ Salon L'Orient "Raqs L'Amour (Feb 12, 2012 - 2nd Set - The Fez Ballroom)