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Mold Time Lapse

Special shooting aspergillus fumigatus botrytis mucor trichoderma cladosporium
mus. "Berceuse" by Amethystium
An estimated 40% of food goes to waste in the US and though we've all had food go bad, we don't really get to see how it happens. This is what 22 days of food left in 90% humidity looks like when compressed into 35 seconds.

I shot this using a Raspberry Pi 2 and a Raspberry Pi camera made by Arducam that accepts M12 board lenses. By sharing the output folder with my Windows home network I was able to see what was going on inside the enclosed micro studio in near real time without having to open it, which w

The original part was made on my 3d printer. Mold was made with Smooth-on Rebound silicone rubber and Plasti-Paste. The final part was Cast with Smooth-Cast 300 urethane resin. For my first mold it turned out pretty well, learned a lot of new techniques for the rear shell.

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Clip from BBC/NHK co-produced documentary "Planet Earth" (2006), with the tune "Delta" from album "Colourform" by Higher Intelligence Agency, beyond records (1993).
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Time lapse of slime mold (Physarum polycephalum) growing in a maze.

This video now has an updated version at
Why? Because I recently obtained fresh spores and found that microscopic portion of this original video contained a flagellate species that was not Fuligo septica. My bad!
Check out the new link if you want better science:
Mega-Amoeba: Time lapse 450x speed of a Myxamoeba (Fuligo Septica) engulfing a fist sized rock. The purpose of this behaviour is un-like microscopic amoeba that engulf items for nutr
Special shooting aspergillus fumigatus botrytis mucor trichoderma cladosporium.

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