Moira O'Hara [AHS]: Moira O'Hara | Американская история ужасов: Дом-убийца / AHS: Murder House, Moira O'Hara & Sister Mary Eunice | Американская история

Moira O'Hara [AHS]

Moira, the little sex kitten from American Horror Story!!
Although I have nothing in common with her, she's my favourite character and there's more to her than meets the eye... lol :)

Included in this is clips from FX's American Horror Story, I do not own any of this, just the over obsessive fan part!<br/><br/>
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hey guys! this is kind of a reamke of my moira's old video (this: ) that i didn't like so much because it's full of mistakes lol so i decided to make another one, and i hope you will like it :D

→ voiceovers:
'i'm not naive to the ways of the man. their need to objectify, conquer.. they see what they wanna see. women, however, see into