Mogul Dash - Rejected (ft. Cyril and Replacer) смотреть онлайн

Mogul Dash - Rejected (ft. Cyril and Replacer)

I am getting better with vocal EQ's. Thanks alot to both Cyril and Replacer for helping me out with this one. It was a really cool experience. A special thanks to LlamaswithKatanas for always making sweet cover art ^^


Verse 1:
You wake up so prepared
Today you confess your love
Little filly with a mission
You have such a clear vision
She's going to listen
You clutch you little note
Harmonize between your teeth
As you hum along
But what if you were wrong

you were rejected
so unexpected
without care your meek advances were deflected
your heart drops like a rock
as you absorb the shock
the situation must be corrected

Verse 2:
Heart hits the bottom
There seems to be no air around
Emotions surround and stab you
She doesn't have a clue
You don't know what to do
Was it a crush or loves that's true?
You can't figure out
Should you respond with anger
Or let the pain and feel