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Moby - Dream About Me

Babe, ooh dream about me
Lie, on the phone to me
Tell me no truth, if it is bad
There's enough in my life
To make me so sad

Just dream about-
Colour fills our lives
Just dream about-
Someone else tonigt

Babe, ooh dream about me
On the phone, talking quietly
I wanna be yours
I want you to be mine
Against red skies,for long time

So dream about, us
When we're old
Just dream about-
How I will let go



And babe, ooh dream about me
Lie, on the phone to me
Tell me no t
старый клип.. просто нравится )
Клип о том как котёнок познаёт мир... Трогает за душу...
Moby-Dream About Me
Video Subtitulado Al Español De La Cancion " Dream About Me " Del Artista " Moby "...Otra De Aleq.

ну как их можно не любить! кисюли!
Я думала, что в коце Котю приютят добрые люди, но нет(((
АААААААА,мне ооочень нравиться этот клип)))Реально цепляет
Moby - Dream About Me HD
Очень хорошее видео!Кто не видел,обязательно посмотрите.
My first movie made using Butterfly Effect 2 clips using Moby's Dream About Me Music =).. I think somehow fit's well but i couldn't do some of my ideias... anyway, best i could.. for now.. Hope u ppl enjoy it! Hope there are more to come.. Comments/Critics welcome, as well ideias for new stuff...

omg 20 000 views :o =) thanx about the comments again!

к/ф "Эффект бабочки 2"
Моби (настоящее имя: Ричард Мелвилл Холл) - американский диджей, певец, композитор и исполнитель. В своём творчестве синтезировал различные жанры - от электроники и техно до поп-музыки, рока и панка.
Прозвище «Moby» Ричард получил потому, что дальним родственником ему приходился Герман Мелвилл Холл, автор «Моби Дика».
Moby - Dream About Me

Самая грустная песня на планете Земля)
И хорошая.
И красивая.
И милая.
И душевная.
И моя любимая.
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This music video is also included in the dvd-video compilation: GO - THE VERY BEST OF MOBY.
Great song! Moby did it again!

Moby - Dream About Me Live Hotel Tour 2005
In 2005 Moby had released a special quasi-best-of album, available only from iTunes USA. It was called "iTunes Originals" and contained 16 special, exclusive versions of Moby's well known hits and songs from his new (at that time) album, "Hotel". This song is taken from "ITunes Originals" and is more or less different from the original version that everyone know.
Music video by Moby performing Dream About Me (Live).
Moby - Dream About Me Live on Max Music Sessions 2005
A School projet about make a music video
Babe. Oh, dream about me . On the phone. Talking quietly . I wanna be yours . Oh, won't you be mine . Against red skies. For all time ...So dream about... us.....
Moby - Dream About Me (Sebastion Ingrosso Mix)
mashed up with
DM vs The Blacksmoke Organisation - Dream On Blacksmoke
edited by Sape
I couldnt find a decent version of this track that hadn't been sped up or here it is!!